Nintendo Switch Sports Update Brings Several New Features for Free

Nintendo Switch Sports Update Goes Live on July 26th
Photo Credit: Nintendo

The first free Nintendo Switch Sports Update brings full motion controls to soccer, new ladder ranks, and new moves to volleyball. It will go live on July 26th at 6:00 PM PT for free.

Nintendo Switch Sports Update Goes Live on July 26th
Photo Credit: Nintendo

In both four-on-four and one-on-one soccer, full motion controls will be enabled. Players can use a Joy-Con controller and Leg Strap accessory to replicate their movements in-game fully. Nintendo states in their press release that in-game kicks will be more powerful with this control setup. Dashing will be done by moving your hands, “just like you’re jogging in place.”

Volleyball is seeing the addition of new moves with the first Nintendo Switch Sports update: the Slide Attack and Rocket serve. These new moves will hopefully add some much-needed variety to the option. It feels less like a game of volleyball and more like an on-rails activity.

If you’ve already mastered online play, two new ladder ranks are being added. Both the S rank and ∞ Rank are now available for the best of the best. In addition, players can now join friend matches by using Room IDs. Remember that to play online, you need to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online.

Currently, there’s no word on when golf is being added to the sports roster. It’s due in a future Nintendo Switch Sports update this fall. Nintendo teases us, saying to “keep an eye on the news section of the game’s website.” For now, however, that’s all we know.

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