No Man’s Sky Cobalt Mirror | How to build

No Man's Sky Cobalt Mirror

Games like No Man’s Sky have always fascinated players. Giant sandboxes filled with points of interest, and materials to craft with. No Man’s Sky takes these features to the next level, providing an entire traversable universe. Players are going to need more than a few crafted items to get around though. To help along the way, here’s how to build a No Man’s Sky Cobalt Mirror. 

How to craft a No Man’s Sky Cobalt Mirror

No Man's Sky Cobalt Mirror

The Cobalt Mirror is an optical component, used for putting together other items in the game. Like many components in No Man’s Sky, there’s a couple of ways of procuring it. As players first start their space faring journey, the quickest way of getting a Cobalt Mirror is through simply buying one. They can be purchased from Tech Merchants and Galactic Trade Terminals. 

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After a few hours of gameplay, buying every component in No Man’s Sky just doesn’t make sense. As players gather more and more raw materials and end up with surpluses, making each component from scratch just makes more sense. 

To craft a No Man’s Sky Cobalt Mirror by hand, players need to find blueprints first. Blueprints are found scattered across the universe in two kinds of buildings: Operations Centres and Manufacturing Facilities. Getting into Operations Centres and Manufacturing Facilities is a fairly straightforward task. They’re protected by locked doors which will need to be broken down. This can be accomplished by using a Plasma Launcher or a Boltcaster. After the door comes down, several sentinels will attack.

After getting through them, players will be presented a terminal with a puzzle. They range from math problems to science trivia.  After completing it, a reward is given, which may be Cobalt Mirror Blueprints. After going through several Manufacturing Facilities and Operations Centres, players are sure to find blueprints for Cobalt Mirrors. Once the blueprints are found, crafting a Cobalt Mirror becomes as simple as having 50 units of Ionised Cobalt. 

Written by Andrew Smith

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