No Man’s Sky Drops Surprise Space Pirate Update Titled Outlaws

Hello Games has put a lot of time and effort into revamping No Man’s Sky with various updates and new content added pretty regularly. It’s quickly become one of the best co-op and cross-play games. Today they dropped a lovely surprise with a massive update called No Man’s Sky Outlaws. If you’ve ever wanted to be a space pirate, this will let you dive deep into that role.

No Man’s Sky Outlaws Update Trailer

In update 3.85, you’ll be able to play as an interstellar rebel. Hello Games introduces outlaw systems, improved Space Combat, the ability to recruit a team of pilots, your own Solar Sail Starship, and more.

True to the game’s procedurally generated world, Solar Sail Starships will be randomly generated. They are a new high-tech starship class that is “versatile and efficient” for travelers going on a long journey. They each come with unique technologies and can be found all across the game’s universe.

In the update, some star systems have fallen under outlaw control. Expect to see how “system authority has been surrendered to rebel forces, leaving space unpoliced and ripe for piracy.” These outlaw systems come equipped with technology merchants, a marketplace to purchase contraband items, mission agents, and more to discover. 

The contraband goods you buy can be freighted across the universe and sold for a large profit. There’s been a system put in place, though, where you could be caught. This adds an exciting risk and reward system. To combat that, you can install “countermeasures in the form of a Cargo Probe Deflector.” And if you get caught? Just forge some documents to restore your reputation!

On top of that, space combat has gotten an upgrade. Space Pirates can expect to see combat “rebalanced for the challenge, flow, and speed.” Hello Games also teased In-Atmosphere Combat. Dog-fighting in your custom ship across mountain tops looks really exciting.

If you’re hoping that the upgrade includes even more beauty in its destruction, you’ll be happily surprised. Destruction effects for ships, asteroids, and more have all been upgraded. If you want to expand your repertoire, you’ll also be able to own nine ships, up from six previously. 

Space Pirate walking through a ship in No Man's Sky Outlaws
Photo Credit: Hello Games

Check out their website for the full patch notes on No Man’s Sky Outlaws. You can play the update now. It’s out now on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Game Pass

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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