Nobody Saves the World is Coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5

Nobody Saves the World, the latest action RPG from Drinkbox Studios, is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on April 14th.

Nobody Saves the World is Coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5
Photo Credit: Drinkbox Studios

Drinkbox is best known for its work on the Guacamelee! series. Nobody Saves the World is an action RPG that features a unique class system, allowing players to mix and match various spells and abilities.

We reviewed the game when it was released in January and enjoyed our time with it. Its charming art style and enjoyable combat were a huge hit. The pick-up-and-play nature of the Switch is a perfect fit for Nobody Saves the World.

The new release is more than just a chance to play the game on new systems; local co-op play is also coming as well. Co-op support will be available at launch on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5. An update for Xbox will also be made available on April 14th. While the PC version wasn’t mentioned, we imagine the update for the local co-op is also coming there.

A trailer for the new consoles was published by Drinkbox Studios this morning.

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