Now You Can Smell Like Sonic the Hedgehog Thanks to a New Cologne Lineup

Sega Cologne
Photo Credit: Sega EU

Have you always wanted to smell like Sonic the Hedgehog? Or maybe Shenmue or Yakuza is more your jam? Sega EU has announced a new lineup of cologne that offers you the opportunity to get your hands on something you’ve never considered and definitely don’t need.

Sega Cologne
Photo Credit: Sega EU

First spotted by Gamespot and found inside the Sega EU show, there are three scents to choose from.

Honestly, the Yakuza cologne doesn’t sound bad, offering a “Bourbon and Smoke” namesake that promises hints of oak, cedarwood, and beeswax that has been infused with a smoky bourbon. It also offers hints of leathery rose and pimento.

We’re really curious about the Sonic cologne called “Blur Blur” and which promises the combined scenes of fresh citrus, grapefruit zest, Mediterranean lemon, and Caribbean lime.

A 3.38 fl oz bottle is 30 Euros ($34 USD) and they are only available for pre-order at this time. The colognes are expected to start shipping in December.

Sorry Sega US fans, they are not in stock in the Sega US store at this time.


Written by Boss Level Gamer