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One Piece Odyssey | How to Change Outfits

One Piece Odyssey - How to Change Outfits

There are a shocking number of characters that you can control in One Piece Odyssey, each of them a major player in the One Piece anime. Playing as these characters is a dream come true, but the game does more than just let you play as them! There are customization options for most of the cast that you can collect over time, too. But, once you have a new outfit for a character, how can you change outfits in One Piece Odyssey? The secret is in finding where the button is!

How to Change Outfits in One Piece Odyssey

How to Change Outfits in One Piece Odyssey

If you want to change your outfit in One Piece Odyssey, you will need to set up camp and interact with your tent. In any camp that you’ve made, head to the tent and select “Yes” to swap between any costumes you have unlocked. At the moment, there are only New World or Traveling costumes, so you are really just toggling between two options. Remember this option as new DLC drops or new costumes get unlocked.

The only place that you can change your outfits are in camps. Camps can be set up by approaching a bonfire and interacting with it. At camps, you can eat meals and browse the encyclopedia. However, by interacting with the Green Tent, you can access your outfits.

The outfit interaction menu will let you rotate your character model through a preview menu. At the first camp, you’ll only have access to outfits from pre-purchasing the game. Those are the only outfits currently in the game, so don’t expect too many options yet! Over time, through DLC or unlocks, you will unlock more outfits for your party to choose.

The only two outfits that are currently in the game are the Traveling and New World outfit. These are full skins, so no mixing and matching is currently available in the game. The only way to get the alternate outfits is to get the Deluxe version of the game, which comes with these additional cosmetics.

Written by Andrew Smith