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One Piece Odyssey | What is Guts?

One Piece Odyssey - What is Guts?

Turn-based RPGs have used a somewhat consistent formula for stats over the past few years. As games come out, there are similar names and labels for different numbers players are expected to know. One Piece Odyssey has some of that in its Attack and Defense stats, which do exactly what Attack and Defense always do. But, there is a third stat here, and it has a very strange name. What is Guts in One Piece Odyssey, and should you worry about it?

What is the Guts Stat in One Piece Odyssey?

What is the Guts Stat in One Piece Odyssey?

In One Piece Odyssey, Guts is essentially the name for Special Defense. It determines how much damage your character will take from enemy skill attacks. Enemy skills announce their names before launching, and tend to deal more damage than basic auto-attacks. A high Guts stats is critical for certain boss fights, where special skills can easily wipe out an unprepared party.

Guts and Defense protect your HP from attacks, but from two entirely different sources. Guts is not more important than Defense, as enemy skills come out less often than the types of attack that Defense protects against. However, having high Guts can make your characters much more durable in fights that count. Minibosses, bosses, and some enemy types tend to spend a lot more time casting different types of skills.

Thankfully, Guts is not difficult to increase. Like Attack, Defense, and Resistances, different accessories will provide different boosts to Guts. If one of your characters is getting trashed during boss fights, consider increasing their Guts so they can survive different skill-based attacks. Eating food from Sanji can also improve their chances to survive by increasing Guts and HP.

In general, we only recommend prioritizing Guts over Defense before boss fights. Otherwise, they are both going to be critical in keeping your characters alive. HP is also great to focus on if you’re unsure about a character’s durability, since improving HP is like increasing both of your defensive stats.

Written by Andrew Smith