One Punch Man DLC Pack Adds Watchdog Man and More

One Punch Man DLC Pack

Since its release earlier this year, One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows has drawn a lot of attention among fans and players alike. Despite the anime’s popularity, its first game has been met with mixed reception with people citing bugs and mechanic issues as the main drawbacks. However, the most recent One Punch Man DLC pack aims to make up for this by introducing some familiar characters to the game’s roster.

While One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows offers a single-player campaign mode similar to that of Dragonball Z Xenoverse, players are more interested in playing as memorable characters from the series. The One Punch Man DLC pack attempts to expand the hero selection for even more multiplayer variety. These characters include Suiryu, Lightning Max, and even more recently Watchdog Man and Garou.

With Suiryu and Lightning Max were released a few months earlier, we have a solid idea of what to expect from the newest One Punch Man DLC pack. Aside from adding new characters to the roster, the packs also included a story unique to the associated character with complimentary avatar parts and a signature Killer Move for players to equip to their custom hero. While Suiryu and Lightning Max were welcome additions to the hero gallery, they don’t have the same recognition as the two latest characters.

As revealed in the trailer, the latest One Punch Man DLC pack will include Watchdog Man and Garou. It’s a fitting character combination considering their dramatic battle in the series. Although Watchdog Man is not the most popular hero according to online polls, he is definitely one of the most iconic: His comical appearance and deadpan attitude serve as a foil to his extreme vigilance and overwhelming power. In contrast to this hero, Garou is one of the most recent villains to appear in the anime who quickly gained recognition for his tremendous strength and reputation as the ‘Hero Hunter’.

The collection of flashy anime fight games has grown since the release of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows. Though the game may still be working out the kinks, it’s held up by a colorful cast of characters that will continue to expand thanks to the newest DLC. In a game named after a hero nobody knows, players will have a chance to make a name for themselves.

Written by Andrew Smith