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Ooblets Boregus Mushrooms | What Do They Do?

Ooblets Boregus Mushrooms

At its core, Ooblets is about farming and there’s a huge selection of crops to grow. Almost every food and plant you find while out exploring can be grown at your homestead, except for one type: Mushrooms. They’re a very practical resource that can be given as gifts, used in numerous dishes, eaten when you’re running low on energy, sold for a quick buck, or recycled for fish bait. For the time-being, mushrooms can only be found in the Badgetown area and can take a few days to replenish after being collected. Further, the Ooblets Boregus mushroom can be hard to find, so here’s some help.

What are Boreguses Mushroom’s in Ooblets

Mushrooms are the only plant-life that needs to be found and collected in the game. There are currently three types that can be found growing around Badgetown: Buttonboys, Sporbets, and Boreguses. While the first two are quite common and grow quickly, Boreguses are a bit harder to track down.

As mentioned before, Ooblets Boregus mushrooms can only be found around Badgetown (for now). If you plan to go Boregus hunting, be sure to check isolated and shaded areas. Some can also be found hiding behind bushes and trees. A few of the most popular spots where Boreguses seem to grow are at the ends of fences and at the corners of buildings, like around Town Hall.

At a glance, the Ooblets Boregus mushrooms seem less valuable than the others, despite granting a small energy boost when consumed. Further, all mushrooms can be recycled for slurry (used to make bait) with Boreguses providing the most (three points). They can also be used to make the ‘Oodles’ dish which is favorite among certain Ooblets.

However, the true value in the Boregus mushroom lies in just that: Its value. Buttonboys and Sporbets are each worth a paltry amount of Gummies (currency), but Boreguses are worth 12 Gummies each making them useful for some quick cash.

Happy hunting!

Written by Andrew Smith