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Ooblets Dancers and Dance Styles

Ooblets Dancers and Dance Styles

One of the most entertaining aspects of Ooblets is the Dance. Whether it’s wild Ooblets in the world or a crew of tournament competitors, dance battles can be fun and challenging. Dance-offs play out like card battles, which keeps dancers on their toes and the encounters fresh. Each Ooblet has their own array of signature moves that can have a variety of effects on themselves, their teammates, or their opponents. Though each Ooblet is different, their dancing generally falls into one of the following categories.

Different Types of Dancers in Ooblets

Ooblets Dancers and Dance Styles list


Known Ooblets: Shrumbo

These Ooblets live for the spotlight and their flashy moves show it. Their dancing focuses on racking up large numbers of points very quickly, just as long as they have enough beats to pull them off.


Known Ooblets: Clomper, Fleeble

Sometimes dance moves are so impressive that all you can do is stand there and gawk. These Ooblets use their moves to stun their opponents with shock and awe.


Known Ooblets: Lumpstump

Every crew needs someone to hype them up, and that’s where these guys come in. With energy to spare, these Ooblets get their crew-mates pumped up, increasing the number of points they earn.


Known Ooblets: Isopud, Oogum

Every now and then, stars need help to keep shining. While these Ooblets may not be the flashiest, they support their teammates by helping them warm up faster or lifting them when they’re down.


Known Ooblets: Radlad

Slow and steady wins the race — except when the race is a dance-off. These Ooblets are in no rush, and will spend time building up their moves until they’re ready to unleash them for massive points.


Known Ooblets: Nuppo, Bittle

In the world of dancing, anything goes; at least that’s what these Ooblets think. By using dirty tricks and stealing the stage, they’ll use their underhanded moves to take points from the other team or leave them with negative effects.


Known Ooblets: Hermble, Spuddle

There are times where to dance is to risk it all, win or lose. These daredevil Ooblets will take a chance to get ahead by spending their points and using moves that can make or break them.

With more Ooblets to come in future updates and a number of unique dancers already available, the dance-offs will only get bigger and more wild!

Written by Andrew Smith