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Ooblets Wishy Well | What Does it Do

Ooblets Wishy Well - What Does it Do

Have you been gathering Wishies in Ooblets but don’t know what to do with them? Wishies can be spent at the Wishy Well to upgrade the town, your farm, and your character. All of which you will be required to do at some point. As a result, the Wishy Well is an essential feature in the game that you must learn how to use. That is why, in this guide, we will explain what the Wishy Well does and how to use it effectively to level up and progress.

How to Use the Wishy Well in Ooblets

How to Use the Wishy Well in Ooblets

To access the Wishy Well in Ooblets, open your directory by pressing TAB on PC or the Y button on an Xbox or Switch controller. Make sure you’re on the “STUFF” tab, and your character model should appear on the page to the left. There is a list of icons right next to your character; click on the first fountain icon, which is the Wishy Well. This is where you can see everything you can upgrade and purchase with wishies. You can also access the Wishy Well by clicking on the main fountain in Badegtowns townsquare.

The Wishy Well will start to offer different upgrades as you level up. Some of the most important ones for farming are blueprints for building and upgrading Oobcoops. As you level up and acquire more Ooblets, you will eventually run out of room for them. You’ve most likely already constructed an Oobcoop, but an upgraded one provides more space for Ooblets, saving space on your farm. Also upgraded Oobcoops let your Ooblets take on more task on your farm!

The Wishy Well’s expansions are another useful feature. These allow you to unlock more items from various stores in Ooblets. The Meeds Seeds Expansion, for example, gives you new seeds from the Meeds Seeds store, such as spring bean seeds. Another option is the Manatwee Expansion, which adds new furniture and house upgrades. Overall, you should purchase all Wishy Well expansions because they will unlock more items for you to purchase, use, and progress with, in the game.

Finally, when you reach levels 3 and 4, you can start upgrading your character. You can get more energy, a larger farm, a larger toolbelt, and faster run speed, each for 300 wishies.

Aside from that, you now understand the primary functions of the Wishy Well in Ooblets, as well as how you can use it to advance further in the game. If you found this guide useful, be sure to check out our other Ooblet guides!

Written by Andrew Smith