Outer Wilds Vinyl Soundtrack Announced Alongside Steam Launch

The renowned space odyssey game that is The Outer Wilds has officially launched on Steam and is now available alongside a 28-song vinyl soundtrack. The musical compositions included are heard throughout the game, most of which highlight the common and essential themes of the story.

Mobius Digital and publisher Annapurna Interactive have partnered with game studio Limited Run Games and production company iam8bit to release the unique and exclusive Outer Wilds vinyl soundtrack. Additionally, Limited Run Games — in an effort to promote the game’s Steam launch — will be in charge of releasing physical PlayStation 4 copies of the cosmos-faring adventure, while iam8bit presents the game’s two-disc vinyl soundtrack produced by composer Andrew Prahlow.

Outer Wilds Vinyl Soundtrack

The physical soundtrack comes embellished with album art by concept artist Ian Jacobson. A bundle that includes the vinyl soundtrack and PlayStation 4 version of the game is available on their respective websites.

Outer Wilds transports players to an unforgiving, expanse of space that is constantly changing with the passage of time. You play as a fresh recruit of a space program known as ‘Outer Wilds Ventures’ in a solar system trapped in a boundless loop of time; a loop that becomes a key segment of the game’s plot.

The player must simultaneously traverse the game’s perilous environments while finding answers to the myriad of puzzles and mysteries that the journey presents. The open-world game provides detailed areas of exploration that vary from planets and moons to alien structures and spacecraft.

The Outer Wilds has received 96% positive reviews since its debut on Steam, along with an 85 Metacritic score. These ratings work to compliment the game’s growing number of accolades that include the 2019 Golden Joystick Best Indie Game award, the 2020 BAFTA Best Game award, and more.

Outer Wilds was originally released back in 2019 on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. A sample of the upcoming vinyl soundtrack will be performed by composer Andrew Prahlow and cellist David Tangney at the first Developer Showcase of Summer Game Fest 2020, which will air on June 22 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET.

Written by Andrew Smith