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Outriders DLC Plans | Will it Have DLC?

Outriders DLC Plans

Outriders is set to release in April 2021 and a free-to-play demo is currently available to download and try out. It’s safe to say that even with the minimal amount of hype surrounding the game until recently, it has become a smash hit among gamers. With this new success, are fans of the new IP going to see it receive any DLC in the future. Just what, if any, are the DLC plans for Outriders?

What are the Outriders DLC Plans?
DLC plans Outriders

Even though Outriders hasn’t released yet, there are fans wondering if the game will receive any post-launch support. At the time of writing, there are no public plans to release any Outriders DLC. That’s not to say that there aren’t any internal DLC plans, but nothing has been announced at the time of writing.

A fear that a lot of players have is that because Outriders is a brand new IP, that the publisher of the game, Square Enix, won’t have the faith to put extra money and effort into having the game’s developer, People Can Fly, make more content for the game after it’s release.

It’s also possible that upcoming DLC plans are being put on hold until developers can see how the community reacts to the game at launch. It seems like in this case, the power really is in the player’s hands. In a recent interview with CBR, the games Creative Director Bartek Kmita said: 

“If they want more, we are more than happy to create more content, more adventures, more stories, more classes, other things. Right now, we’re not thinking about that. We want to ship the game, but then we’ll see how people are reacting.”

It’s nice to see that players actually have the power to see a game that they’re excited about and be able to get more content made for it. This does mean that players are going to need to vote with their wallet but also with their voices. In terms of new content for the game, there are plenty of options that the developers could go for. From new roles to new missions there’s a lot they could do! 

Written by Andrew Smith