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Outriders Emergency Stance | How to Get

Outriders Emergency Stance

When it comes to endgame Outriders, being tanky is an essential part of the formula. Whether it’s through lifesteal or percentage durability, you’re going to need something to survive encounters. The damage you take in the higher world tiers is huge! So, the Emergency Stance armor mod might be the right direction to go. And, as of the writing of this article… You might be interested in this armor mod even more than usual due to a bug. Check out our guide to get this mod!

How to Get Emergency Stance in Outriders

Outriders Emergency Stance

In order to attain the Emergency Stance armor mod in Outriders, you’ll need to break down Epic Rarity armors. These provide the Tier 2 armor mods that might have Emergency Stance on them. Then, once the armor mod is off of the armor, you’ll be able to move it to different sections of your armor. This is especially useful as of the writing of this article, since there is a bug with the armor mod that makes it permanent.

This armor mod is fairly common, but you’ll probably need to farm Epic equipment if you want to find it. It’ll be attached to a piece of armor, which you can get by dismantling the piece. Then, by equipping it elsewhere, you can keep the build going.

What the Emergency Stance is supposed to do is boost your physical resistance by 65% when your health drops by 30%. The duration of this ability should be ten seconds, which is enough time to keep you afloat as you heal and recover. However, there’s a bug on it right now; the Golem Protection never goes away. That means you’ll have a permanent 65% physical resistance buff until you go to the lobby. You can even take the armor mod off! This is an insanely useful bug that you should take ahold of while you can. It’s almost definitely going to be patched out soon!

Though… Maybe it’s not a good idea to get too used to it. You’ll be taking more than double damage without this buff on you!

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Written by Andrew Smith