Overwatch 2: How to Skip Login Queue

With the official shut down of Overwatch. Blizzard have released their newest game Overwatch 2 that has recently grown big in popularity. Players from all over the world are trying to log in and see how the game feels, as well as play a few rounds while they’re at it. Because of this, Overwatch servers have made a login queue that will keep you waiting quite a bit before starting a game.

This guide will show you how to skip the Overwatch 2 queue.

How to Skip Login Queue – Overwatch 2

This login queue has been an issue for many players. The servers of Overwatch 2 have been getting attacked and players would get ridiculous amounts of numbers of waiting time for this queue.

Once the queue is over, players would then enter the game and it will instantly crash, meaning that you need to log in the game again and wait for the whole queue again.

The method for skipping this queue will only work on a PC. Other platforms cannot perform this trick.

Open up Battle.Net and select your game. Once that is done, click on the little world icon where you can select regions and select a different region where there aren’t many people.

You will start the game, but the queue will be small and the best part about it, there is not any lag at all. Latency is good and you can enjoy a game of Overwatch 2 easily.

Written by Borut Udovic

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