Overwatch 2 Showcases Sojourn in Origin Story and Gameplay Video

Overwatch 2 Showcases Sojourn in Origin Story and Gameplay Video
Photo Credit: Blizzard

Overwatch 2’s closed beta is finally coming on April 26th, and with that, a slew of information is reaching the masses.

Overwatch 2 Showcases Sojourn in Origin Story and Gameplay Video
Photo Credit: Blizzard

Blizzard released Sojourn’s origin story video recently. Originally announced in February of 2021 at BlizzConline, the hero is the first new character to be revealed for the hit game’s sequel.

It isn’t her first appearance in the series, though. She can be seen briefly in Ana’s origins short. Here she’s only visible in a photograph, but she did show up later in a larger and more important capacity during the Storm Rising Archives event.

Her origin story shows how she previously worked with Soldier 76 and Overwatch during the Omnic Crisis. He eventually reached out, and she joined Overwatch to help people and considered it “the honor of a lifetime” to work with them. The trailer highlights her passion and love for Overwatch and the team. It also shows how she knew it was time to say goodbye and move forward.

Sojourn is equipped with powerful cybernetic augmentations and a fierce railgun. At the same time, nothing official has been released on her abilities. A video leaked on Overwatch’s official Taiwanese YouTube page and was later removed. The video, like everything on the internet, did not disappear. Several eagle-eyed fans saved it and reuploaded it.

In the video, Sojourn can be seen firing her railgun rapidly and releasing what appears to be charged shots at a Genji using his ultimate. She will have mobility options with what looks like a sliding ability. Based on the leak, it seems like she is a DPS class. Since then, Blizzard has released an image detailing her kit and confirmed her as a DPS character.

Sojourn from Overwatch 2's abilities.
Photo Credit: Blizzard

Overwatch 2 was delayed to at least 2023 in November of last year. Blizzard has separated PVP and PVE. They are focusing on pushing the PVP part of the game out first. Eager fans can play in the closed Beta in April if selected. 

The new beta will give players access to the game’s new focus on a 5v5 PVP mode called Push. They’ll also be able to play reworks of characters like Sombra, Orisa, Doomfist, and Bastion across map favorites and some new additions.

Overwatch 2 will allow players to keep their unlocks like skins, emotes, and sprays when the game releases. If you’re still using the original Overwatch when its sequel comes out, you’ll still be able to play. Blizzard says, “Current Overwatch players will battle side-by-side with Overwatch 2 players in PvP multiplayer; they’ll also be able to play Overwatch 2 heroes and maps.”

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