Palia Cake Party Guide

Palia Cake Party is for all aspiring bakers who wish to be the stars of parties and earn some money in the process. Palia is a fantasy-based multiplayer online game that escapes the norm and takes us into a fantasy world. Inspired by Stardew Valley and Animal Crossover, the game provides a community simulation with open-world adventure gaming.

Palia Cake Party is possible all thanks to its extensive cooking system, which allows one to make various dishes. Making an excellent cake depends on the quality of ingredients one can gather. Players will also need good cooking skills to bake the perfect cake. Here’s everything you need to know about how to bake an awesome Cake in Palia.

Palia Cake Party Guide

Baking a perfect cake is possible with good preparation beforehand, whether having the right ingredients or knowing the right recipe. Players need to follow specific steps to bake the perfect cake, and below is a detailed guide to the Palia Cake Party.

  • Materials and Roles
  • The start needs a Celebration Cake recipe and 60-star-quality Blueberries
  • The leafers require 60 Sweet Leafs each and a total of four people
  • The batters consist of three people with 60 eggs, 60 flour (6840g), and 60 butter
  • The froster, one person with 60 butter (8600g out of pocket) and 60 milk
  • The bakers consist of three people who need to work the oven and are capable of clicking buttons
  • The Jammers comprised 3 people with 60 blueberry or apple jam
  • Detail Procedure
  • The starter will be making the cake with the Blueberry recipe.
  • The Leafers crush 1 Sweet Leaf ( 4 total)
  • The batterers create 1 batter from 1 butter, 1 crushed sweet leaf, 1 flour, and 1 egg ( 3 batters total)
  • The fosters create 1 frosting with 1 butter, 1 milk, and 1 crushed sweet leaf. All the batters should start at the same time before beginning this work.
  • The bakers make one cake layer from one batter (3 total)
  • The jammers make the jelly cake layer using 1 jam and 1 cake layer.
  • The starter is responsible for combining all the above mixtures and collecting the cake.
  • Rewards
  • Bakers get 180 cakes in total
  • Putting them through Warm Farms earns 106,200g
  • Vendoring it makes at least 50k gold
  • Putting them through Glow Worm Farms earns anywhere between 93,600g and 116,100g                  

Written by Borut Udovic

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