Path Of Exile: Best Builds For Kalandra League 3.19

There is a new Kalandra League 3.19 in Path of Exile, and all the players will need to prepare with the best builds that will not require you to get a bunch of lucky drops or do a ton of trading to get the right gear. These are builds that will scale perfectly with the content, they will get easily through the campaign and into the end game content.

This guide will show you the Best Builds for Path of Exile Kalandra League 3.19.

Best Builds For Kalandra League 3.19

EA Ballista

The Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist is a perfect League starter. It can kill bosses with huge ignites and clears whole screens of monsters with the Ignite Proliferation Support.

With this build, you can lay down a bunch of ballista turrets. Those turrets shoot volleys of arrows at enemies and then after a quick pause, the fuse burns down and those arrows explode.

The more arrows you have sticking out of an enemy the bigger the damage and radius of the explosion.

The best part is the Ignite Proliferation mechanic which means that even when an enemy dies its corpse on the ground will still be on fine and then other enemies walking over those burning corpses will also catch fire.

EA Ballista will easily clear the monster waves with its explosion arrows.

For this build, you have to start by picking the Witch Class which is the classic spell caster. Then you take the Elementalist ascendancy which turbo charges your elemental damage, the size of your explosions and gives you a protective shield against incoming elemental damage.

This build is very easy to gear making it a painless league starter. Thanks to the Proliferation, it can easily clear all enemies on screen.

As great as this build is, it’s not without its downsides. First, it’s quite dependent on your life flask for health recovery. Also, there are some mistakes you can make with this build.

Boneshatter Slayer

This build revolves around the bone shatter skill which is a melee attack that hits enemies so hard that some of that damage splashes back onto you.

If you stun an enemy with this attack a damaging pulse will shoot out damaging enemies in the area around you.

When you hit an enemy with bone shatter, you’re going to gain a stack of trauma. Every stack of trauma you have gives you a small damage buff, but you also take physical damage every trauma stack you have.

Because of this, you will want to focus on things that reduce the amount of physical damage that you take like armor. Life recovery is also important to counteract the damage you’re bringing upon yourself.

Bone shatter is a fast visceral and exciting play style. You just run around with your raging bone shatter and as long as you can keep it up, then you can go all night. You start off by picking the duelist which is a hybrid, strength, and dexterity class that’s great at both dealing damage and avoiding damage.

You can get also the Slayer Ascendancy class which zeroes in on the offense side of things while also giving you access to a lot of life leech. You gain the ability to life leech beyond your max life, which means your leeching continues even after you stop attacking enemies.

The Boneshatter Slayer is also a great build at running maps and is the best build for melee players this patch.

As downside, however, this build isn’t great against bosses because it will take a while until you get down the bosses.

Righteous Fire

This build is based on righteous fire which is a spell that engulfs you in a fire that burns nearby enemies and you since you are on fire.

The damage the fire deals scales with your life and energy shield. The more you have the more damage you deal, and while you are under the effects of righteous fire, your spell damage is greatly increased.

In order to survive with this build, you will have to stack a ton of life regeneration as well as maximum fire resistance. This is great for dealing with groups of enemies but it is weak against single targets which is why you also want to work fire trap into the build.

Firetrap will make you throw a firetrap which explodes and leaves a burning patch on the ground that will hurt enemies that walk through it.

You can start with taking the Templar class which is a hybrid, strength, and intelligence class. Then you take the Inquisitor Ascendancy class which focuses on enhancing elemental damage and is perfect for buffing the fire damage.

As for downsides, this is another build that is not great against a single target until you get a good gear killing bosses will take a while. However, you have the defenses to survive the fight

Poisonous Concoction

What is interesting about the Poisonous concoction skill is that you can’t have a weapon equipped. Instead of a weapon, you are throwing your flasks at enemies which is such a novel mechanic.

When you throw your flask, it deals chaos damage in an area and has a chance to poison enemies. If you have any charges left in your life flask, it will consume charges whenever you throw it to deal extra damage. The stronger your flask the greater your extra damage.

With this, you will be extra motivated to keep your flasks upgraded with this build beyond just their healing power.

The important skill that you will want that supplements this build is Plague Bearer. When you activate Plague Bearer, you deal less poison damage, but whenever you deal poison damage, you store part of the poison damage that you deal, and then when you activate the skill again, it will release all the poison damage that you’ve accumulated.

To run this build, you start with the Agile Ranger class and then move to the Pathfinder Ascendancy class whose focus is on flasks. This build is especially beginner friendly because the power comes straight from the poisonous concoction skill gem itself.

The leveling experience and the early mapping experience is incredibly easy with this build and gearing is also easy since you don’t need to rely on a weapon for damage.

This build has one considerable weakness which is not a great late game. Eventually, not having a weapon becomes a weakness because other builds are eventually getting powerful weapons to stack damage, whereas your ability to stack damage is limited.

Helix/Lightning Strike

This build is highly recommended for those who like Hammerton’s. Because the spectral helix makes a spectral copy of your equipped weapon, hammer or otherwise, and swirls it around you.

This skill has huge base damage making it really strong for leveling. It is a great early game. It doesn’t scale well once you are gearing up to the very end game, which is why you will eventually want to swap to lightning strike as your main attack skill.

Lightning strike turns your melee strikes into lightning damage and shoots out lightning projectiles to enemies who are further away from your melee target.

To run this build, you start by taking the Duelist class, then you take the Champion Ascendancy which is a great mixture of offense and defense and makes this build incredibly tanky thanks to the damage reduction granted by fortify.

Written by Borut Udovic

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