Payday 3 Devs Claim Matchmaking Problems Are Now Fixed

When it comes to releasing an online game, the worst thing that could happen is that people won’t be able to actually play the game. This has happened in the past due to numerous reasons, but a lot of it could simply be chalked up to poor preparation. Starbreeze Studios faced backlash because their highly anticipated Payday 3 launched and players were literally unable to play the game with each other. Considering that it’s a game based around team, co-op, and online play, this was a big hit to the launch. However, it appears that these issues may have been addressed, meaning the game has finally become properly playable.

Payday 3 Matchmaking Fixed

In 2011, following the success of Left 4 Dead, a team of developers got together to make and release Payday, a game about four professional criminals robbing a series of banks. This was followed by Payday 2 in 2013, which carried the name for over 10 years until the momentous release of Payday 3 last September. However, online issues became immediately apparent when matchmaking made it nearly impossible for players to team up and play.

In response, the developers quickly got to work, and according to Eurogamer, one of them has stated that the matchmaking is now “stable”. Following these fixes, Starbreeze will now be able to focus on other elements of the game as it gets back on its roadmap to bring updates and quality-of-life adjustments.

While the original Payday was made as an online co-op game, Payday 2 solidified the series as a progressive online FPS about customizing characters, rotating missions, seasonal events, and more. Payday 3 continues this tradition by attempting to expand even more on the gameplay while maintaining everything that its community has come to expect. As soon as later this month, new content may be introduced to the game.

There were many who were wondering if Payday 3 would ever happen, and were very disappointed when it arrived and learned that matchmaking wouldn’t let them play. Now that these issues have supposedly been resolved, the sizable player count can continue to grow as the developers prepare to add more to their growing sequel.

Written by Andrew Smith