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Persona 5 Royal Beefcake Book | How to Use

Persona 5 Royal Beefcake Book

In this latest remaster of the fifth game of the Persona series, several improvements were added, such as new graphics and new story-lines. During their playthrough, some players seem to be having trouble tracking down the Beefcake book, which is needed to find all of the books in Kamoshida’s Palace. Here’s what we know about where to find the Persona 5 Royal Beefcake book. 

How to Use the Beefcake Book

Persona 5 Royal Beefcake Book

In Personal 5 Royal there is a total of 34 books that offer a variety of benefits like stat boosts, new locations, new abilities, puzzle solutions, and more. Four books in particular, the Persona 5 Royal Beefcake book, the King book, The Queen book, and the Slave book can be used to solve puzzles in the Kamoshida Palace Infiltration. 

Players will have to solve one of these puzzles before they can progress in the game, so you can see why it’s important. To find the Beefcake book in Persona 5 Royal, head to the third floor of the east building and look inside of a small room near the safe room. 

Once you’ve got the book, you’ll be one step closer to finishing the quest. The other books needed for puzzles in the dungeon are the King book, The Queen book, and the Slave book. Once all the books have been found, players will need to place them in their correct spots on bookshelves in the dungeon library to receive a special key.

Additionally, the Beefcake book will also reward players with a special protein that heals 30% HP, if placed in a specific location. To get the Beefcake book protein, players need to interact with the bookshelf in the room opposite from the safe room in the hallway. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be rewarded with a health boost. 

Once you’ve done both of these things, you’ll have done everything you can with the Beefcake book, you can begin hunting down the rest.

Kamoshida Palace | Where to Find the Books Persona 5 Royal Beefcake Book

All three of the books found in the same area as the Beefcake are needed for the Dungeon Infiltration mission at Kamoshida Palace.

The Slave Book can be found in the room opposite of the safe room in East Building 3F. The player should enter the room and will find a bookcase that stands out, use the Third Eye ability to see it better if needed. After doing so, the player will find the Slave Book on the shelf and will be one step close to finishing the Kamoshida’s Cognition puzzle.

After finding the Slave Book, players will need to leave the safe room and head down the other part of the hallway and enter the door on the end. The first thing they should see is a locked door, ignore this for now because you do not have the key required for it yet. In this area is where you will find the other two books needed for the puzzle to get the key.

The Queen Book is found in the northwest room further down the hallway. When the player enters the room, it will also be on a bookcase, and the player will have to use the Third Eye again. After doing so, the player should be able to easily find the Queen Book.

For the King Book, players are going to head to the southwest room where again they will need to use the Third Eye on a bookcase. After doing so, the player will find the King Book, the final piece to the Kamoshida’s Cognition puzzle.

After you have all three books, head towards the south-central hall, then into the room on its east side. Head inside and place the books on the bookcases with three empty spaces. Specifically, place the Queen Book on the shelf that talks about High school girls, place the King Book on the one that talks about Kamoshida, and the Slave Book on the shelf that talks about male students.

With the book’s in place, the Kamoshida’s Cognition puzzle will be solved. This will allow players to discover Kamoshida’s Shrine, his medal, and a map. The medal can be used to unlock the locked door that we mentioned earlier while you were looking for the King and Queen Books. Past the lock, the door players will find a mini-boss. Good luck!

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Written by Andrew Smith