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Persona 5 Royal Gifts for Sojiro Sakura

Persona 5 Royal Soujiro Sakura Gift

Boosting your Confidant level with Persona 5 Royal’s Sojiro Sakura provides some impressive recovery items. As he is the owner of Leblanc Café, he teaches you how to make the “perfect” coffee and curry dishes. As you might know, gift giving can be a great way to boost your Confidant levels with some of the other characters when dialogue options do not work. Here we will tell you the best gifts for Sojiro Sakura to help improve your relationship. We will also throw in some tips about dialogue with him!

Sojiro Sakura Confidant Gift Guide

Persona 5 Royal Sojiro Sakura Gift

Unfortunately, there is very little information about which gifts are best for Sojiro Sakura. So far as we can tell, you will receive the most notes by giving him a wristwatch, fountain pen case, or (maybe) the kitchen set. As to whether other gifts comparably boost your Confidant score with him is yet to be seen.

Even lacking an abundance of gifts, there are still plenty of opportunities to boost your Confidant level with him. Furthermore, each time you boost your Confidant rank with Sakura, Joker’s Kindness rating increases by two!

Sojiro Sakura’s Confidant levels are linked with the story, so heads up. You can boost your relationship with him as much as you like until you reach Rank 4. Once that happens, though, you will not be able to progress further until after August 23 (8/23).  We won’t spoil why and it should be apparent enough then.

Remember: When speaking with Sojiro, make sure that you have equipped a persona compatible with the Hierophant Arcana. Doing so will maximize your Confidant progress. Generally, he is only available for Confidant progress in the evenings and on rainy days. Wednesdays are blocked off, however.

As a rule for pleasing him, remember the lessons that he gives you about making coffee and curry. More than that, though, be kind. Be ready to listen and be eager to work.

With all of that being said, why just give him a watch? Why could you not help your guardian with his financial troubles? Over the course of the game, you probably make more money than him anyhow. Even if you act as nice as possible, maybe Joker just isn’t as “Angelic” as the game says he is.

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Written by Andrew Smith