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Persona 5 Royal Speed Reader | How to Unlock

Persona 5 Royal Speed Reader

Persona 5 Royal is now available and fans everywhere cannot wait to try the remastered version of the game. While several new features and updated graphics have been added to the game, books will be making a return to the series. This is leading many Persona 5 players to wonder about one of the books called Speed Reader that when read, allows the player to read other books faster in the game. In this guide, we explain how to unlock the Persona 5 Royal Speed Reader Book.

How to Unlock the Speed Reader Book

Persona 5 Royal Speed Reader

In Persona 5 Royal there are a total of 34 books players can find and read to gain several stat boosts like Knowledge, Guts, and Charm. These books also can unlock several locations throughout the game, while others unlock abilities pertaining to one of the various player activities. 

To unlock the Speed Reader Book in Persona 5 Royal, players need to reach July 1 in the game. Upon reaching this date, the Speed Reader will become available in the Library. If you need a refresher, the Library unlocks on April 18 and is located on the third floor of the school building. All of the books in the Library are free to take, but the player can only have one at a time.

If you’re not familiar with the book, the Speed Reader will allow the player to read two chapters of a book at a time, thus speeding up the reading process. If you’re wanting to try out your new super speed reading, more books can be found in the Library. Further, on missions, you’ll receive books from the Mysterious Trader Sakai, Shibuya BookStore, Shinjuku Hinokokuya Bookstore, Shibuya Sports Shop, and Jinbocho Nagiuri Bookstore.

Best Books in the Library

In the Library, the player can find several other books, four of which are available at the start when the player enters the Library, while others have requirements before they are unlocked. That said, below is a list of all of the books that you can find while you are at the Library. If you continue reading, we will also include the best books from the Library and their benefits.

All the books that can be found in the Library are as follows:

  • The Illusory Popess
  • Cry of Cthulu
  • Woman in the Dark
  • Girl in Ashes
  • Bowman
  • Speed Reader
  • The Great Thief
  • Pirate Legend
  • Zorro the Outlaw
  • The Alluring Dancer
  • The Gallant Rogue

In the Persona 5 Royal Library, the best books by far would be The Alluring Dancer and Girl in Ashes, as they both give a plus three to charm. Thankfully, The Alluring Dancer is already available to the player when they first enter the Library.

However, the Girl in Ashes book unlocks after Kasumi joins on October 10th. We highly recommend the player to read these books because Charm is an important skill that plays a factor in regards to Confidants and dialogue choices. You can learn more about Charm and Confidants in our guide on how to unlock Ryuju Sakamoto.

Player should also read the Great Thief book for the plus three to the knowledge stat, Pirate Legend for the plus three to Guts, and Zorro the Outlaw for the plus three to Kindness. All three of these books are also unlocked when the player first enters the library.

Lastly, the other books that can be found in the library are locked until a certain confidant joins the party, here is the full list of what books they are and what confidants unlock them.

  • The Gallant Rogue – Yusuke
  • The Illusory Popess – Makoto
  • Cry of Cthulu – Futaba
  • Woman in the Dark – Haru
  • Girl in Ashes – Kasumi
  • Bowman – Akechi

Now that you know all about the best books in the Library, use your speed reading ability to gain some quick stat boosts!

Written by Andrew Smith