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Persona 5 Royal Triple Seven | How to Work

Persona 5 Royal Triple Seven

Many features make a return with the remastered version of Persona 5, one being part-time jobs. One of the best jobs players can get is in the Triple Seven convenience shop, but getting hired can be a bit tricky. Here’s everything we know about how to work at Triple Seven in Persona 5 Royal.

How to Get a Job at Triple Seven

Persona 5 Royal Triple Seven

In both Persona 5 games, there are activities called part-time jobs that players can get to earn extra yen and bonus stat boosts for special events. For example, working at the Triple Seven convenience store can earn players +2 to charm at an event. 

To get a job at the Triple Seven, you’ll need to visit the convenience store located in Shibuya Central Street. The job will become available on April 18 and can be uncovered by reading the job magazine found in the underground passage in Shibuya. Then, you can head back inside and talk to the storeowner to apply.

Players can work either a day or night shift at the Persona 5 Royal Triple Seven store, and will earn up to 3,500 Yen for working a regular shift and 7,500 Yen working a busy shift. Once players have worked three shifts, they’ll unlock a special mission called “Calling for Justice Cats.”

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Also if the player works a total of three shifts at Triple Seven it will unlock the mission Calling for Justice Cats. During this special event, the will the player will need to figure out where the barcode is on various items. However, if the player answers incorrectly, they will risk getting penalized with a -1 to their Charm stat. Players can also earn stat boosts when certain confidants visit them while on shift, gaining a +1 to Bond with that visiting confidant.

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Written by Andrew Smith