Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Subclasses | What is the Best Class

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Subclasses

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is the official Western release of the much-loved Phantasy Star Online 2 MMO. Because of that, many new players are going to be joining this massive and incredible world. That being said, it shouldn’t be surprising that this RPG has some strange mechanics. The subclasses of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis are extremely important for character progression and endgame content. Knowing which one works well for your build is going to matter a lot! This guide will go over all of the nine base classes in PSO2: New Genesis and talk about the benefits of each of them.

What is the Best Subclass in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis?

There is no “best” subclass in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Since each class can take a subclass, and subclasses are available to be changed between quests, you can’t really go wrong with any option. However, you should think about the benefits that the subclasses give to your build as you’re putting them together.

What Are Subclasses?

Subclasses are available from the Subclass License quest, which you can get from Koffie once you reach Level 20. Subclasses augment your main class with three major benefits, based on which class you select.

The class gives 20% of it’s stats to the character, stacking on top of your previous stats. You also gain access to the Skill Tree of the class, which allows you to upgrade attacks, damage, and defenses based on the class you select. Finally, you are able to use the Photon Arts of the subclass, though not the weapons of the subclass. In order to use weapon-based photon arts of the subclass that the main class doesn’t have access to, you would need to collect rare weapons that do not have class requirements. Be sure to check the arts and skills to make sure they work with your main class!

As you play your subclass, it will level up naturally, and gets 10% additional experience at lower levels. The subclass cannot outlevel your main class, though; a subclass’s effective level is capped at your Main Class’s level.

Thankfully, just like your Main Class, you can swap your subclass at will in the gate area of the Arks Lobby. This lets you try out all sorts of combinations!

Subclasses List & Benefits

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Subclasses

  • Hunter – Sword, Partizan, Wired Lance
    • A gigantic tank. Gives high Health and Defenses, while also providing high S-ATK and melee specializations. The skill tree focuses on a mix between durability and dealing high S-ATK damage in melee.
  • Ranger – Assault Rifle, Assault Rifles
    • The long-ranged class. Has a high amount of R-ATK with a reasonable amount of DEX, S-DEF, and R-DEF. It’s skill tree allows it to see traps, as well as do high weak point damage.
  • Force – Rod, Talises
    • The most basic Caster class, with huge T-ATK and elemental damage. Has low HP and defensive stats, other than T-DEF. The skill tree benefits casting and elemental damage.
  • Fighter – Knuckle, Twin Savers, Twin Daggers
    • The class with the highest S-ATK, and even reasonable T-ATK. Lacks good ranged capabilities, and it’s R-DEF and T-DEF are minimal. Its skills are based on dealing high damage in a flash.
  • Gunner – Twin Machinegun, Assault Rifles
    • The Gunner is a slightly closer-ranged Ranged combatant than the Ranger. As a result, it is slightly more durable while having slightly reduced R-ATK. Its skills focus on dealing damage to a single target rapidly.
  • Techer – Wand, Talises
    • The Techer is a somewhat close-ranged class and is the primary support of the game. It has decent defensive stats, though very little S-ATK and R-ATK. Its skills focus on support and resource generation.
  • Braver (COMING SOON) – Katana, Bullet Bow, Gunslash
    • A mixed Ranged and Melee class, with high S-ATK, R-ATK and Dexterity. It suffers a lot with T-ATK, T-DEF, and health. Its skills complement a mixed melee/ranged playstyle.
  • Bouncer (COMING SOON) – Dual Blades, Jet Boots, Gunslash
    • A melee-oriented magic-user. Has high S-ATK, T-ATK, and DEX, though it’s ranged capabilities are limited. Its skills support a brawling and spell-casting lifestyle.
  • Summoner (COMING SOON) – Takt, Gunslash
    • A very unique class that can utilize pets in combat. It’s statistics are lackluster, but the Pet can easily make up for the deficits. It’s skills are mostly focused on the Pet, with high survivability and damage potential.

What is the Best Subclass?

The best subclass changes based on your main class, so it’s wise to try new things! Here are some of our recommendations.

  • Hunter: Fighter allows you to deal massive damage, but not overcome your melee and T-DEF weaknesses. Braver and Bouncer each offer unique ways to mix melee combat with techniques.
  • Ranger: Gunner can increase your damage while also giving you great mobility. Hunter gives you durability and helps you with your weakness to melee combat.
  • Force: Techer will give you huge T-ATK and great techniques to help your party while you dish out damage. Summoner and Bouncer both offer unique technique options while still supporting your T-ATK.
  • Fighter: Hunter is a massive bulk increase, and the damage buffs synergize perfectly. Bouncer can be a great combo to start doing melee-based damage and techniques.
  • Fighter: Hunter offers you more beef with giant DPS potential. Bouncer gives you a weird hybrid T-ATK build with some mobility.
  • Gunner: Ranger offers some good ranged attack and bullet-saving abilities. Hunter gives you great durability to improve your safety.
  • Techer: Hunter gives you tankiness and some actual melee DPS with your wand. Force can give you more effectiveness with healing and damage at a longer range, and Summoner can help direct aggro and keep you alive.

The next three class combos are based on the original game, Phantasy Star Online 2. They might not have the exact same synergies!

  • Braver: Hunter gives you a massive amount of bulk and S-ATK. Fighter lets you go all-in on damage but can be very risky. Bouncer is an interesting middle ground, but splits your stats in 3 offensive directions.
  • Bouncer: Hunter gives you the bulk needed to survive in melee. Fighter is a huge damage boost, while Force or Summoner can improve your Techniques.
  • Summoner: Hunter boosts your own durability while providing some shocking damage buffs for T-ATK animals. Techer can offer some support techniques while Force helps you work with your own damage potential.

In general, the Hunter is the best Subclass option in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis. Durability is important, especially as you start to learn about attacks and enemies. If you’re in doubt, just get beefy!

Written by Andrew Smith