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Phasmophobia Ghost Writing | How to Use

Phasmophobia Ghost Writing

You’re at a huge disadvantage in Phasmophobia. The ghosts you fight will destroy you really fast. Because of that, it’s important to know what ghost you’re facing… and what tools you have to interact with it. One of the most interesting tools is ghost writing. By scribing symbols to the ghost, you can get a response from the entity. But how do you use it? And what does it even mean? Hopefully, this guide will help you use this awesome tool.

How to Use Ghost Writing in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia Ghost Writing

To use ghost writing, you must have a ghost writing book. You can place this book anywhere in the house that you’d like. Then, interact with it to write a symbol on a page. If your spectral companion is a type that likes to draw, then you’ll get a response!

The ghosts that use the ghost book as evidence are the following: Demon, Spirit, Revenant, Shade, Yurei, and Oni. If your spirit isn’t one of those types, then you will not get a response and this book is not useful for evidence.

If you are facing one of those spirits, that doesn’t necessarily mean the ghost will insta-write you as soon as you put the book down. So set the book down, step back, and wait for a bit. The spirit needs to “find” you, and it might not do so for a long time.

If you don’t feel like waiting, you can increase the chance for the ghost to find your book in a specific room. To do this, you’ll have to say phrases in a room. Alternatively, using Smudge Sticks will simultaneously defend your character against the ghost, and raise the likelihood of the ghost appearing.

Be careful of saying too many phrases though! If the ghost becomes hostile, then it’s pretty likely to appear and chase you if you’re in a room with high activity. Good luck and happy hunting!

Written by Andrew Smith