Phasmophobia Not Responding: How To Fix

Phasmophobia has been one of the classics in horror video games since its release in 2020. The game has seen regular updates, contributing to its popularity and longevity. Fans can hunt for paranormal activities and locate ghosts in a haunted setting.

Phasmophobia‘s fan base keeps increasing even though the game was released a while ago. However, players have reported different bugs and in-game issues throughout the game. The problems have been more frequent since the Halloween update, and many are facing the “Keeps Crashing error.” Here’s everything you need to know about the issues with Phasmophobia and how one can fix them.

How to Fix Phasmophobia Not Responding Issues

Phasmophobia enthusiasts might be facing various issues due to a variety of reasons. These reasons might include corrupted files, hardware or software not supporting the game, and outdated GPU drivers. Players can fix these issues through the solutions mentioned below.

  • Graphics

The game demands high graphic compatibility, and if one plays on a comparatively older setup, one should lower the graphic settings. When the visual environment is higher than what the system can offer, players might experience different types of lags and issues. They can lower the graphics to resolve this issue. However, it will be a different experience than playing it in a higher setting.

  • Game File

Players who play the game on their PC can open the Steam browser and find Phasmophobia. They can click the game’s icon, launch its properties, and check the file’s integrity. This process might take a few moments; if the version needs to be correctly installed or updated, one can update it to the latest one available.

  • GPU drivers

Many Phasmophobia players have reported that updating their GPU drivers to the latest version has helped reduce crashes. Players can use various driver software to update their GPU to the latest available settings.

  • DirectX Launch

Gamers who play the game through Steam can launch it by right-clicking it in the Steam client. Then press the launch option and type “-force-feature-level-10-1,” relaunching the game addresses most issues.

  •  CPU/GPU

When players overclock their CPU/GPU, the game crashes frequently. So, if someone is experiencing frequent crashes in Phasmophobia, they can revert to the standard setting for their CPU or GPU, which will help solve the issue.

Players who check and fix the abovementioned issue in Phasmophobia shall experience better performance while playing. They can follow all or at least a few steps to identify and solve the problem.

Written by Borut Udovic

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