Phasmophobia vs. Demonologist Comparison

Phasmophobia and Demonologist are two popular games in the co-op horror category. Players have found striking similarities and subtle differences between the two games. Phasmophobia is the older among the two, released in 2020, and the game has seen regular updates throughout.

Demonologist is the newly released horror game that is gathering audiences and is being compared with the unofficial leader, Phasmophobia, in the horror category. The gameplay between the two is very similar, with gamers going on a hunt for paranormal entities, completing missions and rewards. The differences are subtle, and that has left fans wondering about which game to choose. Here’s a detailed comparison between Phasmophobia and Demonologist.

Comparison between Phasmophobia and Demonologist

Phasmophobia is the veteran in the co-op horror category, and the fact that fans have been playing the game for so long reflects its longevity and relevance. Demonologist is relatively new, but one must recognize its promising first impression and fan engagement quickly. The comparison between these two is one of similarities and differences, which is discussed in detail below.

Heading 3: Demonologist VS Phasmophobia Similarities

●          Platform: Demonologist and Phasmophobia are both only available on PC.

●          Multiplayer: They offer single-player and multiplayer options, with the maximum cap being four players.

●          Equipment: Both games provide ghost hunting equipment, namely EMF Reader, UV Light, Sanity Pills, Crucifix, and more

●          Goal – Both games ask players to investigate cursed locations and gather evidence to recognize the supernatural force at play

●          Voice Recognition – Both of these games come with voice recognition capabilities

●          Maps: Both games come with multiple haunted locations that players are required to explore

●          Tasks: Both games offer particular tasks and extra rewards

Heading 4 Demonologist VS Phasmophobia Differences

●          Price: Demonologist is a dollar more expensive than Phasmophobia

●          Exorcism: In phobia, identifying the entity can be a task, and further action is not a necessity, whereas, in Demonology, players will have to exorcise the entity after identification.

●          VR: Phasmophobia offers VR support, but Demonologist does not.

●          Horror Level: Players have reported Demonologist to be scarier than Phasmophobia

●          Character Customization – Demonologist offers full character customization, whereas Pasmophobia does not

●  Storage – Phasmophobia demands more disk space than Demonologist

Phasmophobia has more maps, VR support, and possessions, which gives it an edge over Demonologists. But Demonologist has better jump scares and better graphics, and the fact that the game will see updates in the future makes it an exciting prospect. These two games go head to head in various departments, and the differences are slight, making them the two most popular in the category.

Written by Borut Udovic

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