Piggy Book 2 Mansion: How To Get The New Secret Duocara Skin

Duocara skin is a robot that resembles a scarecrow. This bot is part of the Mansion chapter, and once you get inside the house you will have to find a way to escape from there once Piggy is woken up. If you have a hard time getting out of the mansion and unlocking the Duocara skin, then we will help you out.

In this guide, you can learn How To Get The New Secret Duicara Skin in Piggy Book 2 Mansion!

How To Get The New Secret Duocara Skin – Piggy Book 2 Mansion

Once you get inside the mansion, suddenly Duocara will wake up, and start chasing you. He is the bot who is actually a scarecrow skin that you will unlock after escaping the mansion.

Before you start, make sure to equip the invisibility, speed boost, and Radar powerups that will help you escape easily from the mansion.

To be able to escape, you need to find a couple of items around the mansion. First you need to find three books. The first book can be found on the bench inside the laundry room.

From the same room, you have to exit out in the garden where you will find the second book on the bench out of the house.

The third book can be found either in the upstairs bedroom or on the balcony above the backyard where you found the second book.

While you are going for the third book, you can also collect the red key which is in the upstairs red toy room hanging from the ceiling.

After that, you have to place one of the books that you got already on the book shelf, and then a secret door will open that goes down to the basement.

In the hallway to the basement, you can place radars in the areas where the bot could quickly round the corner because it is pretty fast.

Here you will find the Red lock key door, but first of all, you have to get the wires

In these rooms, you can find the yellow and red wire.

If the yellow wire is not somewhere in the basement, then probably it’s somewhere in the upstairs bedroom.

When the power turns back on, means that the 2 metal doors in the upstairs bedroom have opened. Now you have to go back upstairs and continue looking for the three paintings in the rooms.

The 3 painting locations are the metal door room, the cyan key room, and the purple key room.

Take note that who’s painting background is who’s in these rooms. They are random each round. Each painting room has one of three paint buckets: Day, Sunset, or Night. You need to take them to the basement.

All of the buckets have to be used on the correct paintings.

If you play with teammates, make sure to communicate with them and let them know so they don’t paint something wrong.

Once you paint the images correctly, you will unlock the safe and there will be the white key that will unlock the main gate from the mansion.

Get the key and immediately run out of the house and go straight to the gate where you have to open it and escape the mansion.

After you escape the mansion, you will complete the mansion chapter and in the same time unlock the secret Duocara Skin.

Written by Borut Udovic

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