Top 10 Places That Should Post a “No Children Allowed” Sign on the Door

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Have you ever been somewhere with children and thought, “These kids shouldn’t be here?” You’ve got company. Someone recently asked Reddit, “What are some places where no children should be allowed?” And these are the top-voted responses.

1. Bars

One user exclaimed, “Stop bringing children into my bar and complaining that I swear!” A second explained, “I live in Colorado, and this is a significant issue here.

I’ve gone to many bars or breweries not aimed at children. Then there are tons of kids and babies running around, and I’ve overheard parents complaining about people drinking too much.

Not everywhere needs to be child friendly. And if people want a night on the town, they either need to go to Applebee’s or somewhere similar where they can bring their kids, not actual bars.”

2. Beauty Pageants

“Beauty Pageants,” one stated. “France banned child beauty pageants for kids under the age of sixteen. Aside from that, I don’t think any other western countries that practice child pageants have banned these pageants, unfortunately (correct me if I’m wrong). 

The horrors displayed on the show Toddlers and Tiaras are enough evidence that these pageants are unsafe for children.”

3. Strip Club

Someone confessed, “I worked in a strip club years ago, and some idiot brought in his toddler. He couldn’t figure out why we kicked him out. It was a smaller city in the 80s, with no bouncers. So he walked in, sat in perv row, and had the kid sitting on his lap.”

4. Social Media

“Social media. Even in 2023, some parents aren’t tech smart either ‘my daughter isn’t allowed a phone until she’s older’ she has an iPad with everything on.” Some users argued over when kids should be allowed.

One said, “Kids shouldn’t have a social media account until they’re in high school.” Another argued, “I think it’s 18+. Kids are too impressionable, and social media is full of content that can damage a kid’s self-image or lead them down a bad rabbit hole.”

5. No Babies In Movie Theaters

One user shared, “Just had a baby crying in the movie theatre like it was his religion.” Another added, “Parents who bring infants into movie theaters are a special kind of stupid. First, the kid won’t remember it. The kid will get scared by the volume. Third, the kid will likely ruin the movie for everyone else.”

6. Casinos

Someone volunteered, “Gambling establishments.” A second shared, “I work at a casino. Kids are allowed to walk through the casino (with their parents) to go to the restaurant. It blows my mind. Smoke filters can only do so much.”

7. Las Vegas Strip

“Recently took my kid to Vegas because I have family that lives nearby, and we all took our kids to the strip because there’s a bunch of family-friendly activities there now,” one confessed.

My daughter kept pointing out all the smokers, drinking, and half-naked showgirls, and I thought, ‘No, I’m the jerk.” Vegas is supposed to be the place for adults to come and have fun.”

8. Spencers

“Spencers,” one explained. “I was in there with my girlfriend buying toys a while ago. A little girl is in front of us waiting for her mom to buy her T-shirt, then the mother gives me the stink eye as she grabs her kid and walks away. So maybe don’t take your kid to a store that sells bongs and adult toys.”

9. Hospice Facilities

“Children below a certain age should not be allowed to or expected to spend long hours visiting people in a hospice facility. It’s no fun for a kid and can be scarring,” one suggested.

“I get letting kids old enough to understand the situation visit, but screaming toddlers and badly behaved ten year old who have almost no connection to the patient have no business being there.

They are disruptive. People are there trying to die peacefully. Rowdy kids running up and down the hall is disrespectful to everyone, patients/other guests/staff.”

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10. Tattoo Shops

“Tattoo shops,” one said. ‘Don’t bring your kid with you when you’re getting a tattoo, we’re not going to look after them, and no, they can’t just sit in a corner with an iPad.”

“Yes!” agreed another. “I turned around to make a stencil the other day and returned to the client’s kid reaching up to try to get into my sharps, mom on the phone, not even watching.

The only reason to bring your kid to a tattoo shop is if they ask to have their ears pierced and you want an actual professional to do it.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is something significant missing from this list? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Boss Level Gamer.



Written by Elizabeth Ervin

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