A Plague Tale: Requiem Bug is Preventing Completion of the Game

A Plague Tale: Requiem Bug is Preventing Completion of the Game
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A recently discovered Plague Tale: Requiem bug is leaving players frustrated.

The highly anticipated follow-up to 2019’s A Plague Tale: Innocence is available now. The game launched as a day one release for Xbox Game Pass. Versions for PC, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch are also available. 

Unfortunately, players are encountering game-breaking bugs during their experience. To make matters worse, the Plague Tale: Requiem bug doesn’t cause the game to crash. Instead, you cannot progress through the objective as the game runs. Players are left aimless and lost before realizing there’s nothing they can do. 

Our own Michael Farrell took a break from Call of Duty and is playing the game on his Twitch stream. Unfortunately, he encountered the bug last night.

Example of the bug in action

“I need to use the sling to get across, and I obviously cannot do it. I’m holding down the button, and nothing is happening,” he said. After double-checking to ensure it wasn’t a controller issue, he frustratingly said, “I guess we’re done with this game tonight. Literally cannot play this game anymore tonight.”

Discussion regarding the Plague Tale: Requiem bug is ongoing in the game’s Steam forum. A user explains their encounter with the same bug, adding that restarting the section doesn’t fix it. A developer for the game works with them, stating that they were confused at first since the team didn’t have this issue during playtesting.

How can you fix this Plage Tale: Requiem bug?

Steam user Vestige offered a fix that the original poster confirmed as a workaround:

  • “If you got back to the main menu, you can do Chapter Selection to start from “The Tar Workshop”. Doing this takes you to where you make the first tar pools with Lucas. when I got past this, and arrived at that foot bridge section again, I was able to use my sling. It should take less than 10 minutes to catch up using this method.”

The thread later realizes the cause of the problem and why developer Asobo Studio never encountered this Plague Tale: Requiem bug: people are not solving the problem the way the studio intended.

“Throw the alcohol you bought from the child into the middle pool, then burn it. If you try to pass in a different way, the game gives an error,” says Steam user Srkn_78.

Xshadow182 confirms this as well.

“My only idea what might have caused that problem. The first time I went through that area, Hugo throws some materials over to craft tar and unlock it. I went to quick the first time before he finished explaining and I shot both tar it gave me with the sling. Had to use two ignifer pots to get across the rats instead of the tar. The second time I actually listened and used the tar pots like I should’ve the first time.”

BuddlelPups wasn’t afraid to find humor in their frustration when dealing with this Plague Tale: Requiem bug.

“i have it… i crafted tar to throw it… not with the pot… and i thought that i had to skip this puzzle by finding a other solution because its broken or something… but when you dont throw a POT OF TAR in the small pool then you’re softlocked on the next segment… i am so dumb LUL”


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  1. buenos dias,tengo un problema, se me tilda el juego en el capitulo XI cuando abro la puerta para ir a ver a basilius,me anda todo perfecto el juego hasta llegar ahi,se tilda y se cierra,probe de todo,
    Baje graficos,jugue en ventana,cerre antivirus,lo repare,volvi a instalar todos los controladores y nada funciona,alguna solucion por favor?

    good morning, I have a problem, I am called the game in chapter XI when I open the door to go see basilius, I am all perfect game until I get there, it is ticked and closed, try everything,
    Download graphics, play in window, close antivirus, repair, reinstall all drivers and nothing works, any solution please?

  2. Not the only progression blocking bug. There is at least one in almost every chapter. The Steam forum is riddled with the reports, and the game devs are only giving out the generic “verify cache” BS as a fix. Not acknowledging any of the bugs, nor making any public statements on whether or not any patches to fix the bugs are coming, or even being worked on.

  3. Hi there

    I’ve been playing “a plague tale requiem” through cloud gaming. I took a break from it four days ago and now I can’t get into the game at all. It won’t load or install on my Xbox one at all anymore. Has the game completed crashed? I’ve tried restarting and updating everything possible but nothing is working and I still cannot play it at all 🙁

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