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Pokemon GO Launches New Elite Raids

Pokemon GO Launches New Elite Raids

Pokemon GO, the official augmented reality game of the series, is introducing a new event known as the Elite Raid in order to encourage greater online and IRL participation. Considering that Niantic is still trying to make another breakthrough in the AR gaming market, it’s taking care to keep Pokemon GO updated and interesting so both casual and professionals will still be willing to walk around with their phones out.

Elite Raids In Pokemon GO

While Game Freak may be the main team behind Pokemon gaming, the mobile company Niantic led the charge on Pokemon GO which launched in 2016. Since then, the game has enjoyed a rise and falls in popularity. Naturally, the Elite Raids are an attempt to spike the player count once more.

According to Pokemon Go Live, Elite Raids are a way to challenge players who feel confident in their high-leveled and powered-up teams while also providing them a chance to get their hands on rare Pokemon. Raids of all kinds spawn in specific areas, requiring players to walk to that location in real life. By creating the Elite Raid, Niantic hopes this will generate interest as well as bring players together when they meet up at the raid site.

Even though it’s an AR game, Pokemon GO has similar mechanics and structure to the core series. Players take on the role of individual trainers, but the real world serves as the setting for their adventure. As time progresses, different creatures will pop up on the map, varying in type depending on surroundings and weather conditions. When players enter the vicinity of said creature, they can confront them and attempt to catch them using items and Poke Balls. This allows them to build their own Pokemon team which they can use to challenge in-game characters, and other players, and take on raids.

Niantic continues to operate thanks to Pokemon GO, but even Pokemon could use a shot in the arm now and then. In this case, it’s taking the form of Elite Raids to challenge experienced players and hopefully introduce new trainers to each other.

Written by Andrew Smith