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Pokemon Sword and Shield | Can You Breed Kubfu in the Isle of Armor DLC?

can you breed Kubfu

Kubfu is a legendary Pokemon that is available in the Isle of Armor DLC in Pokémon Sword and Shield. That said, excitement is high for the new expansion and this pokemon. Since this is a highly sought after species, there are a lot of players wondering if you can breed Kubfu in the Isle of Armor expansion. In this guide, we will answer this very question and more.

Can You Breed Kubfu in the Isle of Armor DLC?can you breed Kubfu

The answer to the “can you breed Kubfu” question appears to be no. This is due to recent information gathered by data miners that seems to indicate that Kibfu is Shiny locked. This means the Pokemon and its evolved version will not be able to breed or hatch eggs. In addition, the only way to capture a Kibfu or Ursifu is through purchasing The Isle of Armor DLC pack. However, it is worth noting that this could be subject to change in the future via patches or updates.

Furthermore, you can receive Kubfu as a gift from the character Mustard after you complete the third trial mission. This is currently the only way to get Kubfu, so you’re going to want to save your game before you complete the mission in case you don’t get one with stats to your liking.

If you’re not familiar with the latest expansion, the Isle of Armor DLC introduced an additional arena area that adds many Pokemon Dens, several new characters named Mustard, Klara, and Avery, new story content, a level scaling system, and more. The expansion also adds restricted sparring, new customization items, New Gigantamax forms, and a new machine called the Cram-O-Matic that can create a new item by feeding it four unwanted items.

In addition to the expansion, Nintendo is also releasing free updates that will add over 100+ returning classic Pokemon. The Isle of Armor expansion has released on June 17 and you can be purchased from the Nintendo Store for$29.99. While this may sound expensive, the expansion pass will also include the Crown Tundra DLC that is set to release later in 2020.

Written by Andrew Smith