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Pokemon Sword and Shield Dragapult | How to evolve, where to find

Pokemon Sword and Shield have expanded on several features and changes that were made in Let’s Go. Though, this time around, dozens of new Pokemon have been added in. The new Pokemon Sword and Shield Dragapult is a must have for any Pokemon trainer, bearing high attack and special attack stats. Here’s where to get a Dragapult and its lower evolutions. 

Pokemon Sword and Shield Dragapult | Location and evolution guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield Dragapult

Dragapult is a powerful Pokemon, with base stats totaling to 600. It specializes in physical and special attacks, and has a huge speed stat of a whopping 142. There’s only one catch to catching Dragapult: it can’t be caught at all. The Pokemon Sword and Shield Dragapult can only be acquired through trading its preceding evolution, Drakloak. Fortunately, Drakloak and its prior evolution, Dreepy, can be found all over the Galar region. 

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Dreepy, Dragapult’s base evolution, isn’t anything special. Dreepy is severely under powered, having a stat total of 270. Additionally, it also only learns a total of four moves. However, if you enjoy the grind and the challenge, Dreepy can be found at the Lake of Outrage. Lastly, it evolves into Drakloak at level 50. 

Drakloak is really the Pokemon to start with if you’re wanting a Dragapult. Drakloak has total base stat of 410, a marked improvement over Dreepy. Like Dreepy, it can be found at the Lake of Outrage — thought it’s much rarer.

Dragapult’s stats and abilities make the grind worth it, in the long run. Once you have a Drakloak, and it levels to 60, trading it will cause it to evolve into Dragapult. Being a ghost and dragon type Pokemon, Dragapult is an excellent choice when going up against ice, ghost, dragon, dark, and fairy types. 

Written by Andrew Smith