Pokemon Violet & Scarlet: How To Evolve Charcadet

There are a lot of Pokemon that can be found all around the huge open world in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Once you catch any Pokemon, you can evolve it into the second or third evolution stage, depending on the Pokemon, and it will become much more powerful.

In order to evolve your Pokemon, you must complete some of the requirements that it needs.

Charcadet is a Fire-type Pokemon that evolves into two different Pokemon depending on what version you’re playing, Armarouge and Ceruledge.

This guide will show you How To Evolve Charcadet in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

How To Evolve Charcadet – Pokemon Violet & Scarlet

Charcadet is a new Fire-type Pokemon who evolves into Armarouge or Ceruledge. This depends on the version that you currently play.

In order to evolve Charcadet, you will have to trade items to the character in the town named Zapapico

You will be asked to give him the following items:

  • 10x Bronzor Fragments – In exchange for an Auspicious Armor (Scarlet version)
  • 10x Sinistea Chips – In exchange for a Malicious Armor (Violet version)

To obtain these items, you will need to defeat 10 Bronzong and Polteageist.

Bronzor Fragments can be easily obtained from Bronzor which is located at the ruins in West Province, all around the Desert area.

Sinistea Chips are a bit harder to obtain, and it is available outside Zapapico, where can be found in small numbers. You will need to eat a Sandwich that boosts Ghost-type Pokemon Encounters and you will have a chance to obtain the Sinistea Chip.

Once you obtain all the items, you need to reach Zapapico, but first you must have the Swim Upgrade for Koraidon or Miraidon which can be unlocked after you defeat the Flying Titan on the west side of the map.

When you get to the town, you need to head to the Fountain where you will find a guy who will ask you to trade the items with him.

After you trade items with him, he will give you the Auspicious Armor, and then you will have to go into your Bag, and give the item to your Pokemon.

Once you give the item to Pokemon, it will automatically trigger the evolution of Charcadet.

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