Profit Before People – 15 Brands We Despise More Than Anything

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Like it or not, there are some brands we cannot avoid. No matter how much we wish, we have to use them. 

According to a recent online discussion, here are some brands we hate more than anything. 


Photo Credit: Greyhound.

The popular bussing company tends to leave people stranded. Maybe we could look past it if the buses were high quality, but alas, they are far from it.

Traveling by bus, especially with Greyhound, should be a last resort.

Mary Kay

Photo Credit: Mary Kay.

Everybody knows about Mary Kay. The makeup brand has been seen in movies such as Edward Scissorhands

Unfortunately, the company is also a pyramid scheme and a scam. Their $2.6 billion revenue in 2021 is generated by their “boss babe” customer base, who think they’re business owners. 


Photo Credit: Ticketmaster.

It’s hard to find anyone that will actually defend Ticketmaster. As a result, the greedy company has a stranglehold on the concert business.

Thankfully, artists like Taylor Swift are starting to fight back against outrageous fees and practices. 

Mobile Game Companies

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment.

While now and then, a mobile game is worth our time and money, more often than not, the opposite is true.

Mobile games feature predatory practices designed to drain the player’s wallet, and developers often don’t care. 


Photo Credit: Uber.

The popular ride-sharing app once made it affordable and convenient to travel locally.

However, after their rise in popularity, they became better known for outrageous fee hikes. 

Turbo Tax

Photo Credit: Turbo Tax.

Everyone needs tax software, but did you know that there is a world where no one has to pay for it?

Turbo Tax infamously steered the government away from making taxes easy and affordable to complete. Instead, Turbo Tax’s free filing can be complicated to use. 

Wells Fargo

Photo Credit: Wells Fargo.

Banks are already seen in a negative light by consumers. 

Wells Fargo takes things to another level when they literally defrauded their customers in the 2010s. 


Photo Credit: Meta.

The parent company of Facebook, Meta, has been all about the Metaverse lately.

Unfortunately, no one else seems to care. One comment says that this was the “dumbest rebranding ever.”


Photo Credit: Monsanto.

It doesn’t take long to find something evil Monsanto has done.

The company has used chemical products such as DDT, PCBs, and Agent Orange. 


Photo Credit: Nestle.

Where do we begin with Nestle? 

There was the time when their CEO said water is not a human right. Or their usage of child labor in their cocoa production.

Spirit Airlines

Photo Credit: Spirit Airlines.

Travelers sometimes use discount airlines to save money, but more often than not, it is not worth it.

Spirit Airlines is notable for poor customer service, including the fact that it costs more to cancel a flight than to eat the loss. 


Photo Credit: GameStop.

Recently, GameStop has been in the news for its stock price.

Gamers are more likely to know GameStop as a place to buy your trade-in for $5 and then sell it for $50. 


Photo Credit: Shien.

The fast fashion brand is known for its low-priced fashion-focused clothing.

Yet they overwork and underpay their workers, which also leads to an incredibly low-quality product. 


Photo Credit: DuPont.

The creators of Teflon (nonstick cookware) lied about the chemicals they were using.

This resulted in the poisoning of land, water, and entire ecosystems

Xfinity Comcast

Photo Credit: Xfinity Comcast.

The infamous cable company is better known for raising fees and incredibly poor customer service.  

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