Project Slayers: How To Get Thunder Breathing

In order to become a Demon Hunter in Project Slayer, you will need to learn various breathing techniques and level up your character. One such breathing technique is Thunder Breathing which allows players to travel at lightning speeds and deliver striking blows to enemies.

This guide will tell you how to unlock the Thunder Breathing in the game.

how to get thunder breathing in project slayers

The Thunder Breathing technique is one of the four available techniques that players can learn to unlock six new fighting moves. It is very popular in the community thanks to its high stun and low cooldown combo.

Before you proceed to unlock this technique, there are a few requirements that you need to fulfil. Your character should be atleast level 12 or above and you should have 5,000 Wens in your pocket to purchase the training sessions.

After you meet the criteria mentioned above, head over to Zapiwara Mountain and there you will meet Jigoroa Kuwajima, the Thunder Breathing Trainer.

To reach there, go straight from the entrance of the Kiribating Village and then head towards the northeast where you will soon come across a large tree. Start climbing and you will soon reach the top of the Zapiwara Mountain.

You will find the trainer waiting near the entrance of the building on the top of the mountain. Interact with him and pay him 5,000 Wens to start the training sessions. He will give you a series of quests that you need to complete to unlock the technique.

The first task that you need to complete is practising your aim by heading over to the Butterfly Mansion. Interact with the stool on the ground to start the session and click on the targets that appear on the wall before they disappear.

Head back to Zapiwara Mountain to talk to the trainer and he will assign you the next objective. The second training task is meditating where you need to train your lungs. Go to the Butterfly Mansion and interact with the mat inside the building to start the session.

To complete this objective, you need to click on the blue circle when the yellow line falls in the blue square on the meter. It can be a bit challenging due to the smaller size and high speed of the white bar.

Go back to the trainer and he will give you another objective where you need to do a bunch of pushups to train your body. Head back to the Butterfly Mansion and interact with the red mat to start the pushup session.

You need to press the corresponding keys on your keyboard as they appear until the bar below fully turns green. Just press the correct buttons as fast as you can to complete the training.

Head back to the trainer and he will give you the fourth training task which is to dodge thunder falling from the sky. Go to the location of the marker and stand in a yellow circle on the ground.

To complete this task, avoid the red spots on the ground to avoid getting hit by the thunder. Simply dodge in the other direction until the bar becomes full and the training is complete.

Go back to Jigoro and he will give you the final task which is to defeat one of his students, Zanegutsu Kuuchie in a boss fight.

Defeating him can be a bit hard since he uses the Thunder Breathing technique so it is recommended that you maintain your distance from him. This will allow you to dodge his air combos and perform a counter-attack.

If you are having trouble defeating him alone then it is better to take some of your friends along so you can defeat him easily. After the fight is complete, the Thunder Breathing technique will be unlocked and you can use it by equipping your sword.

In the beginning, you will be limited to performing the Thunder Clap move however as you progress further, you will be able to unlock more attack moves and increase your Thunder Mastery level. This will give you access to new attack moves as you level up.

That’s it, now go ahead and unlock the Thunder Breathing technique to defeat your enemies!

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Written by Borut Udovic

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