[Update] PS Plus Discounts Must Be Paid Back to Upgrade per Sony Support

PS Plus Discounts Must Be Paid Back to Upgrade per Sony Support
Photo Credit: Sony

Update: Sony has responded to the “error.”

Original Article: Do you have a PlayStation Plus discount from Sony? Are you hoping to upgrade to the new PS Plus Extra or Premium with that discount? According to a post on ResetEra, you’re out of luck.

PS Plus Discounts Must Be Paid Back to Upgrade per Sony Support
Photo Credit: Sony

Posters Kanji Master linked a screenshot from the Chinese gaming news site VGtime, complete with a translation. The Sony support member confirms that if you’re looking to upgrade to the new PS Plus Extra or Premium, you have to pay back any discount on your currently existing PS Plus subscription.

The full excerpt is as follows:

Thanks for contacting PlayStation Support.

About your inquiry about PlayStation Plus membership subscription price, thank you for your support. Since you purchased the PlayStation Plus membership at a discounted price at that time, after this new PlayStation Plus membership is launched and there are two PlavStation Plus memberships that cannot enjoy other discounts:

1. PlayStation Plus membership bought with a discount.
2. PlayStation Plus membership redeemed with redemption code.

Therefore, if you need to upgrade to the second or third tier of premium membership, you need to make up for the difference in the previous discounted price first to return to the normal price. For example: the one-year PlayStation Plus membership was HK$308, the discount price was HK$187.6, and the difference was 120.4 X the number of remaining months, please rest assured, if you need to upgrade, the system will automatically calculate the amount that needs to be paid back for the difference.

Of course, you can also choose to upgrade or downgrade the membership service according to your own preferences. If you do not upgrade, the PlayStation Plus membership service you are currently using will not be affected. Game discounts, monthly free games and the usage rights of 100GB of online storage space remain unchanged, please rest assured.

Finally, we have recorded and dealt with your valuable comments, thank you for your support.

I hope this helps. But if you have any other questions, please contact PlayStation Support and a support person on our team will be happy to assist you.

Source: ResetEra via GameTime

Sufficed to say, people aren’t too happy about this.

Reddit user Cyshox did some math to try to explain the costs and process to upgrade from PS Plus to PS Plus Premium:

“As far as I understand it, your subscription will be converted 1:1 to PS Plus Premium if you have an active PS Plus & PS Now membership.

If you have like 3 years of PS Plus it’ll be converted 1:1 to PS Plus Essential. If you want to upgrade to 3 years of PS Plus Premium you’ll need to pay $180 [($120-$60)x3years]. If you bought it for $45/year, you will have to pay an additional $45 [($60-$45)x3years], so the total would be $225.”

Having to pay an additional $225 on top of additional costs for the upgraded plan is, simply put, ludicrous.

For those of you who will jump into the new PS Plus subscription service, here are some PlayStation classics we’d love to see added to the library.


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