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Psychonauts 2 Achievement List | How to Unlock Them All

Raz is finally here after a 16-year break with Psychonauts 2. Players are eager to dive into the mind-bending adventures in this sequel, and with it comes a full list of new achievements to unlock. Whether it is for the casual gamer or the elite completionist, we have the full achievement list right here. Read on to see how many there are and how you can unlock them.

Psychonauts 2 Achievement List

Psychonauts 2 Full Achievement List

Below is the complete achievement list for Psychonauts 2. There are a total of 57 individual achievements, with 19 of those being locked for story purposes; the remaining 38 are viewable. Each will have a description and a Point count for how much you’ll receive upon unlocking:

  • Home Run: Find the Family Camp (15 Points)
  • Family is in Tents: Help Dion Setup Aquatodome (15 Points)
  • Dance, Baby, Dance: Complete Queepie Quest (15 Points)
  • Good Vibes Only: Complete Gisu’s Psychoseismometer Quest (15 Points)
  • Complete Gisu’s Psychoseismometer Quest: Complete Lili’s Request (15 Points)
  • Keep Your Shirt On: Scavenge all MISSION CRITICAL PSYCHONAUTS ASSETS (30 Points)
  • Associate Intern: Achieve Rank 2 (15 Points)
  • Junior Intern: Achieve Rank 10 (15 Points)
  • Senior Intern: Achieve Rank 50 (15 Points)
  • Principal Intern: Achieve Rank 100 (30 Points)
  • Extra Credit: Upgrade your first Badge (15 Points)
  • Power Play: Fully upgrade a Badge (15 Points)
  • Unlimited Power!: Acquire all Upgrades (15 Points)
  • Safecracker: Crack all Vaults (30 Points)
  • Figheaded: Find all Figments (30 Points)
  • You’re it!: Tag all Emotional Baggage (30 Points)
  • Pin Drop: Equip your first Pin (15 Points)
  • Pinhead: Equip 3 Pins at once (15 Points)
  • Kingpin: Purchase all Pins (30 Points)
  • Hiccup in the Giddyup: Recover your mental energy with a Dream Fluff (15 Points)
  • PSI Roller: Upgrade to the Astral Wallet (15 Points)
  • Fluff Nutter: Max out your Dream Fluff capacity (15 Points)
  • King of Pop: Max out your PSI Pop capacity (15 Points)
  • You Otto be in Pictures: Purchase all Otto Shot Filters (15 Points)
  • Shutterbug: Take a photo with the Otto Shot (15 Points)
  • Fine Tuning: Tune in to a Stray Thought (15 Points)
  • Nest Egg: Completely fill your Astral Wallet (15 Points)
  • Take a Lickin’: Consume a PSI Pop to restore some mental energy (15 Points)
  • Core Strength: Combine PSI Cards with a PSI Core at the Otto-Matic (15 Points)
  • Objection!: Throw a Judge’s gavel back at him (15 Points)
  • TK-O: TK throw an object to stun an enemy (15 Points)
  • Duck, Duck, Goose: Find the real Panic Attack during his Phantom attack (15 Points)
  • Shared Regret: Throw a Regret’s anvil at another enemy (15 Points)
  • Pyromania: Pyro 3 enemies at once (15 Points)
  • I’m always here for you, darling!: Talk to Milla in her Office (15 Points)
  • Forgot My Keys: Revisit a brain through the Collective Unconscious (15 Points)
  • Make It Stop!: Break all 3 Gramaphones in Fatherland Follies (15 Points)
  • Making Peace: Return to where it all started (15 Points)
  • Employee of the Year!: Locked (15 Points)
  • Mentee Fresh: Locked (15 Points)
  • EVERYBODY Hates Socks with Sandals: Locked (15 Points)
  • Know When to Fold ’em: Locked (15 Points)
  • High Roller Revelations: Locked (15 Points)
  • Jung at Heart: Locked (15 Points)
  • Sane in the Membrane: Locked (15 Points)
  • Ram It Down: Locked (15 Points)
  • Feast of the Senses: Locked (15 Points)
  • A Little Off the Top: Locked (15 Points)
  • Perfect Game: Locked (15 Points)
  • To the Letter: Locked (15 Points)
  • Buried Memories: Locked (15 Points)
  • The Relic Room: Locked (15 Points)
  • Archetypal Victory: Locked (15 Points)
  • Bob’s Your Uncle: Locked (15 Points)
  • Tattered Family: Locked (15 Points)
  • Deluginist Darkness: Locked (15 Points)
  • Finish What Was Started: (70 Points)

Players will have a lot to look forward to once they boot up the long-awaited sequel. The list will be viewable if you have the game installed already, with descriptions and potential points. While these achievements have been confirmed through Xbox, it is said that they will be available for all versions of the game. In particular, these achievements are officially unlockable with any Xbox-compatible device (i.e. Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, and Xbox Cloud Gaming).

For those who seek to 100% the game with all achievements, you’ll spend a good 30-35 doing so. For anyone who just wants the story without fun distractions getting in the way, a good 12-16 hour gameplay might be sufficient. But we hope this list helps you on your quest to save others from their inner demons.

Written by Andrew Smith