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Psychonauts 2 Bacon Guy | Where to Find

Psychonauts 2 Bacon Guy

Of all of the NPCs in Psychonauts 2, there is one that is simultaneously useless and incredibly interesting. The Bacon Guy, or Colin, is an NPC that usually just sits in the background of any trip to the Motherlobe. He’s a pretty quiet man, except for the fact that he seems to be wholly addicted to bacon. So, where is he?

Where to Find Bacon Guy in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 Where to find Bacon Guy

The location for Bacon Guy changes based on your Psychonauts 2 quest progression. He shifts from area to area based on your story. To find him, look for the subtitle “Colin” as you walk around. He’s a man with a short red beard, and almost always has the Clairvoyance Icon over his head.

Colin is one of two different Clairvoyance targets in the Motherlobe. The other is Colin’s suitor, who always seems to want to impress him with – you guessed it – bacon.

These NPCs might just be background characters, but interacting with them is always fun. Ford Cruller seems to adore Bacon as well, so perhaps Colin will be essential to your future quests… Not really, though.

There is no consistent way to track down the Bacon Man, but he will often be in the Cafeteria of the Motherlobe. On occasion, he can be seen wandering the hallways.

The most obvious sign that he’s around is the Clairvoyance Icon above his head. Since he sees the world completely differently than everyone else, the game will warn you about the chance to see something extraordinary. As long as you count Bacon as Extraordinary, you won’t be wrong.

Psychonauts 2 is as charming as it is thought-provoking and, occasionally, very grim. Colin is a pretty positive example of a mind in flux, but you’ll encounter all sorts of characters in the world that require actual medical treatment. As long as you’re ready to delve into those minds, you’ll meet plenty of fun, charming characters that will leave you smiling. Learn more about this fantastic game with some of our other guides!

Written by Andrew Smith