Quick Resume Is Causing an Issue With Halo: Infinite Unlocks

Quick Resume Causing an Issue With Halo: Infinite Unlocks

Quick Resume is a highly touted feature of the Xbox Series X|S. However, it’s causing some issues in regards to Halo: Infinite.

The feature allows players to swap over to other games or apps in the console with the original game’s state being saved. Here’s it is straight from the horse’s mouth:

What does Quick Resume do?

When you switch from one game to another, the Series X|S consoles save the state of the current game. If there’s a Quick Resume state for a game you switch to, the consoles will load that state for you.

Source: Xbox Support

It’s a great feature that’s been a selling point for the new Xbox consoles. With Halo: Infinite, however, there are hiccups when it comes to registering multiplayer cosmetic unlocks you find in the campaign.

While you’re able to use Quick Resume to restart the game where you left off, the disconnection from the game’s servers means unlocks isn’t registering. Jarrard, Community Director at 343 Industries, didn’t give a timetable regarding a release for the update. Retroactive fixes mean that you’ll be able to gain what you’ve earned, though, which is nice.

This is far from the only issue regarding Halo: Infinite, which reportedly had a bit of a rocky development. Multiplayer issues aside, the game also launched without the ability to select and replay specific levels in the campaign. Looks like we can add another issue to the list, though this is one that should be fixed a lot sooner.

In addition, the Quick Resume feature, which I’ve personally enjoyed and had zero issues with, has reportedly had issues regarding games requiring an internet connection. Seeing as how when you pause out of a game you disconnect from the servers, this makes sense. Doesn’t make it less frustrating, however.

Once an update goes live, we’ll let you know.


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