Quick Tips for Scoring Kill Assists in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Halo players are very competitive and always looking for ways to compare themselves to other players. One of the best ways to do so, is to measure how many kills and kill assists they have on their ledger.

As of right now, the easiest way to play Halo Infinite is the multiplayer edition. And in this version, sometimes the kills are shared.

While a user may shoot an enemy multiple time, they may not get credit when another user cleans up at the end. And many times, the original shooter may not even get an assist. In a new guide, Jarren Navarrete from Sirus Gaming has some hints on how to best make sure you get that assist.


One suggestion is to use the disrupter. While the weapon is mainly used to disable vehicles, it can also have a devastating affect on the armor of enemy combatants. This can put your teammates in good position to finish the job.

Here are some tips for racking up assists in Halo Multiplayer
Image Via Xbox Game Studios

Navarette also says that players should team up with another player with better weaponry. By having a weaker weapon, you can better set your teammate up for the kill. The best weapons to do so are the Disrupter, the Plasma Pistol, the MA-40 Assault Rifle, the VK-47 Commando, the MK50 Sidekick and the Needler.

The author also reminds players not to rely on sensor assists. Sensor assists don’t actually count towards your final assist tally.


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