The Rain Storms in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Are Making The Game Borderline Unplayable

Game developers put an enormous emphasis on their titles being realistic. With that in mind, the weather can become a huge factor. Just how much to make the weather a hindrance, though, is an open-ended question.

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The makers of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas wanted to make poor weather a part of the game. Rockstar Games, though, may have gone too far in their latest efforts.

A version of the game was recently released in 3D. And while the current reviews of the new gameplay are positive, there are also some hiccups. Players are reporting that the latest incarnation of the game is essentially playable.

Games often want to incorporate extreme weather to make the title more realistic. With extreme rain, however, GTA San Andreas may have taken it too far.

Kotaku reports

“I’m inclined to think this is an unfortunate bug, with JankyNedelko posting a second tweet of even more rain. Then again, the release seems littered with glitches. I wouldn’t want to get stuck in this. You can’t even make out what’s really going on here, and it gets worse when you’re close to a body of water. You’ll probably end up crashing into something or someone instead of reaching whatever destination you’re making your way to. It just looks awful!”

Bugs, of course, are meant to be fixed in the long run. Developers hope to unearth mistakes before the game is released, but sometimes that is unavoidable. And while the rain in the latest Grand Theft Auto Game is a nuisance, it is something that is likely to soon be fixed.

Reviews of the game have been strong, though gamers are missing the game’s standard fog. A game set in the Bay Area, of course, needs to have a touch of the elements.

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