Ramattra Is Coming to Overwatch on December 6th

Ramattra Is Coming to Overwatch on December 6th
Photo Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The newest Overwatch hero is the leader of Null Sector himself, Ramattra. 

“Originally a war machine,” writes Blizzard, “Ramattra shed his munitions for a shield to protect his people by promoting peace and tranquility. His ideals weren’t far removed from his fellow Shambli monk, Zenyatta. However, Ramattra’s story is one of hardships, trauma, and a magnified view of humanity’s harsh realities.”

An Overwatch 2 tank hero, Blizzard notes that Ramattra has two forms: an omnic form and a nemesis form. The omnic form will give the hero a barrier and poke-type abilities to pester enemies. Nemesis form allows him to charge through enemy backlines with the power of piercing punches. This form comes at a cost, putting a gigantic target on Ramattra’s head. Figuratively, of course.

In Overwatch lore, Null Sector is an extremist group that utilizes violent methods to achieve omnic rights. Fans speculate that Ramattra’s presence indicates his role as a villain for the game’s lore, something the upcoming PvE mode will need. 

Season Two for Overwatch 2 will also come with future hero balance updates. The developers state, “Our team is planning to make a series of balance changes for Season Two that align with our design goal of ensuring the overall game feels balanced and fair while giving each season a more distinct identity.” A recent patch for Season One went live, balancing five different Overwatch 2 heroes

We’ll be curious to see how Ramattra performs when he launches on December 6th. For more Overwatch 2 coverage, check out our tier list for every Overwatch 2 hero


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