Ranking Every Ghost in Phasmophobia

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

We’ll be ranking these ghosts based on their evidence, strength, weaknesses and how much they creep us out whenever they pop up. With the recent October 2021 Halloween update, there are currently 20 ghosts in the game for us to look through.

Note that these pictures might not be accurate to the ghost type, because the ghost model and type is often subject to change (and honestly difficult to capture). The only way for you to figure out if it really is the ghost you’re looking for is through evidence. 

Now, let’s see how spooky these ghosts really are, shall we? 

20. Myling

Phasmophobia Myling
Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: Fingerprints, EMF Level 5, Ghost Writing

When encountering Mylings, you have a higher chance of coming out alive. This ghost is easy to identify as they are louder than most. Using the parabolic microphone, you can figure out the direction of the ghost through the noises it makes. 

The worrying part is when the ghost suddenly goes silent. The Myling will go silent when it is on the hunt, so you might want to run or hide while you can.

19. Spirit

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: Ghost Writing, Spirit Box, EMF Level 5

A common ghost type in the game, and one that we are all familiar with. The Spirit can range from completely docile to extremely violent, so it’s a little on the fence. The problem is trying to maneuver around an aggressive spirit in order to get evidence. 

This is probably one of the times when your ghost hunting tools will come in handy. They’re easier to identify with ghost writings and the spirit box, so you don’t have to get too up close and personal.

18. Shade

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: EMF Level 5, Freezing Temperature, Ghost Writing

A shy ghost type that tends to avoid confrontation (especially in big groups), so when they pop up they’ll probably scare the life out of you. There’s safety in numbers here, of course, but it will get significantly harder to gather any evidence since the ghost is afraid of your presence.

They tend to hunt only when someone wanders away from the group or when a player’s sanity has significantly dwindled. Other than that, they’re relatively easy to handle.

17. Goryo

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: EMF Level 5, DOTS Projector, Fingerprints

The Goryo was added during the Exposition update, and it is another shy ghost when compared to the rest. They’re hard to catch, and the only way to catch any photographic evidence of it is through the DOTS Projector. Make sure you leave your camera facing the projector and hope that the Goryo decides to move around a little.

16. Banshee

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: DOTS Projector, Fingerprints, Ghost Orb

Considered an average mid-tier ghost, the Banshee tends to zero in on a single target and won’t change it. Just hope that the target isn’t you. Those who are lucky enough to escape its attention can quickly gather the evidence needed and run away. The one who caught the Banshee’s attention, however, will just have to keep running around with a crucifix in hopes that it won’t get to you.

15. Hantu

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: Freezing Temperatures, Ghost Orb, Fingerprints

The speed of the Hantu increases as the temperatures decrease, so once you notice a sudden drop in temperature, just keep an eye out for the ghost or just run. The Hantu awaits you in its area, so it can snatch you as quickly as possible. 

It’s best if you have an eye out on the circuit breaker or fuse box as well, to make sure that it is still functional and doesn’t give leverage to the ghost. The ghost moves slower in warmer environments, so protect the fuse box at all costs! The only way to defeat this ghost type is to have proper team coordination, figure out a tactic, get your evidence and run.

14. Poltergeist

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: Ghost Writing, Spirit Box, Fingerprints.

They tend to venture out of their ‘ghost room’ aka ghost nest and can cause serious harm to a player’s sanity if they happen to witness any objects moving or being thrown. Since they can move around, players often have a difficult time trying to figure out what or where the ghost is, but once you eliminate all the possible rooms, you’re sure to find their main lair. 

They’re easily identified in this case, but still terrifying. Just beware of objects moving or being thrown, they’re harmless if there’s nothing to be thrown though. Anyways, better to get out while your sanity levels are still bearable.

13. Jinn

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: EMF Level 5, Freezing Temperatures, Fingerprints

Jinns are runners. They’ll rush at you, so beware! They like to play with electricity, turning lights on and off, which can be quite annoying. If you turn off the power at the location, they’re pretty much useless. Either way, you would have to navigate a haunted location in the dark, without much certainty that you’re facing a Jinn. 

The Jinn is often confused with the Mare or Poltergeists, because of its appearance and its tendency to play around with electricity as well.

12. Yurei

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: DOTS Projector, Freezing Temperatures, Ghost Orb

The Yurei is creepy as heck. You wouldn’t want to be caught alone with one, as they drain your sanity levels. Once they’ve drained your sanity to a dangerous level, they attack fast and without you knowing it, you’re dead. They’re efficient killers when compared to most of the other ghost types. 

You can use the smudge stick to buy you 90 seconds to run, so it is possible for you to escape somewhat unscathed. Just make sure to play your cards well.

11. The Twins

Phasmophobia-The Twins
Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: EMF Level 5, Spirit Box, Freezing Temperatures

They’re twins, so of course, there are two of them. This pair comes with the recent Nightmare update and often times cause confusion among players because well, they look alike. One twin can stay in one room while the other runs around to misdirect the players to their doom. 

They can hunt together or independently, so you need to keep an eye out on both ghosts at the same time. They’re tricksters, to say the least; so beware!

10. Phantom

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: DOTS Projector, Fingerprints, Spirit Box

Phantoms generally affect the player’s sanity levels, dropping them lower than most ghosts and there’s nothing you can do about it either. They’re also really scary and creepy looking, so it doesn’t make things easier. 

All you can do is gather your evidence before your sanity levels drop dangerously low and get yourself out of there. Quick and easy. You could also try taking a picture of them, and they’ll temporarily disappear for you to make a run for it.

9. Mare

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: Ghost Orb, Ghost Writing, Spirit Box

Once your fuse box goes off, it’s probably the work of a Mare – they enjoy the darkness and would destroy the fuse box or power source. They’re really scary as you have to move around in the dark and it’s hard to locate them. 

The Mare have repeated short attacks, so you better move along as fast as you can. Shining a light helps, but it doesn’t stop them entirely; so just get your evidence and run!

8. Obake

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: EMF Level 5, Ghost Orbs, Fingerprints

Shapeshifters. The Obake alternate between being easy and hard to find, as they can move objects around or disappear without a trace. Their one easy telltale is they leave six-fingered handprints on the objects that they touch, and occasionally move objects around – which is considered a unique form of evidence. 

Once you’ve found the six-fingered handprint, your search is over, as there are no other ghosts with the same evidence.

7. Oni

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: DOTS Projector, EMF Level 5, Freezing Temperatures

Onis are a menace when you’re clumped together in groups, so you have to do the worst possible thing you could ever do in a scary situation: split up. Oni can throw objects at people, but it won’t cause too much harm like objects thrown by poltergeists. 

Either way, splitting up is a gamble to make when you’re not sure what you’re up against, as there is always strength in numbers. However, their increased activity makes them easier to find, so you can identify them quickly and get out.

6. Raiju

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: EMF Level 5, Ghost Orbs, DOTS Projector

A new addition from the Nightmare update, this ghost takes up the energy and electricity from your ghost hunting equipment to increase its speed and aggression while hunting. It is said to match up to the tenacity of The Revenant, so beware.

They are activated by electrical equipment, which you need to capture evidence. When your devices are disrupted, you would know it’s nearby, so tread lightly.

5. Onryo

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: Ghost Orb, Spirit Box, Freezing Temperatures

One of the new ghosts from the Nightmare update, the Onryo is afraid of fire. But once that fire goes out, it can kill up to two people quickly and easily. So you better run when your candle or lighter extinguishes. There’s no other way around this ghost, only fire. 

The funny thing is, your candle or lighter could easily be blown out by the ghost itself if it’s feeling playful… so good luck with that!

4. Wraith

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: DOTS Projector, EMF Level 5, Spirit Box

Floater alert! The Wraith floats rather than walks or runs, so you won’t be able to hear it coming and oftentimes get spooked by its sudden appearance. The Wraith is also those typical ghosts that can float through stuff, so they can float through furniture, doors, walls – you name it.

This also makes it harder for you to hide, as this ghost can look through anything. When it is on the hunt, it is best if you are hiding by the exit, or else you’re as good as gone. Their one weakness is salt, which temporarily repels them and makes them more active after. But other than that, you better solve the case quickly, get your evidence and get out!

3. Yokai

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: DOTS Projector, Ghost Orb, Spirit Box

The thing is with the Yokai, you need to keep quiet. Just, shut up. Why would you be making so much noise in a haunted location anyway? Stop drawing attention to yourself. The Yokai’s aggression levels are easily spiked with noise, so the noisier or louder you are, the more aggressive the ghost gets. 

The Yokai can take you out instantly, no matter how well you think you’re doing. It is best to share information with your teammates quickly and quietly, in hopes that the ghost is out of range.

2. Demon

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: Fingerprints, Freezing Temperatures, Ghost Writing

Demons are the most aggressive ghost types on this list, and they’ll attack or try to harm you more frequently than the rest. As this type of ghost is unpredictable, you better be collecting as much evidence as possible, and as fast as you can. You never know when the Demon might make a move on you, and hiding doesn’t really help either.

1. Revenant

Photo Credit: Kinetic Games

Evidence: Freezing Temperatures, Ghost Orb, Ghost Writing

It’s on sight with this guy around. Seriously, run. You might think they’re harmless at first but man, the speed of this ghost will surprise you. And where the other ghosts will only hunt one person in the team, the Revenant can switch targets and hunt whoever it pleases. 

Nothing much has been proven to be able to properly stop the ghost from hunting them and killing them so your best bet would be to hide and silently pray that they’ll move along. When they’re not hunting, they move very slowly so that’s their crux I suppose.

Final Thoughts

Well, we definitely don’t want to be alone with these ghosts around! It’s great to see that Phasmophobia continues to add more ghosts and variety into their game for a fun spooky night in with friends. Have you identified any of these ghosts yet? No? Well, switch off your lights, call up your friends, and put on Phasmophobia, let’s get to ghost hunting!


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Sarah Paul

Written by Sarah Paul

I dip my toes in all things nerdy. I started writing and never looked back! I'll write about anything under the sun if you give me the chance, but my loyalty currently lies with nerd culture.

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