Ranking the Love Interests in Stardew Valley

Penny - Stardew Valley
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Players tend to flock to Stardew Valley for a lot of things – its serene gameplay, the endless mysteries, and for some, the eligible singles in the area. This time, we’re ranking all of the wonderful love interests in the game based on their personalities, gifts, and attractiveness.

But to be fair, we could be a little biased so take this with a pinch of salt! Your experience and preferences might vary from mine.

Just beware, there are some spoilers about each of Stardew Valley’s love interests as we dive into our list.

12. Haley

Haley - Stardew Valley
Photo Credit: ConcernedApe

Likes: Sunflowers, Fruit Salad, Pink Cake, Coconut.

Hates: Clay, Prismatic Shard, Wild Horseradish.

Perhaps I just don’t enjoy the whole princess vibe and typical blonde stereotype that she falls into and that’s why she’s ranked last. Granted, if you want to really get to know her you would need to put in a whole lot of effort because she has a whole side to her that she doesn’t normally show.

Most people are not patient enough to get to that stage (which is about 6 hearts in), especially with her personality. So naturally, she tends to rank last in most people’s eyes. On the off chance that you are intrigued by her and reach the 6 hearts mark, you’ll get to see her sensitive side and unlock all the secrets that made her this way.

She’ll also be more playful and open up about her photography hobby. In the end, she isn’t afraid to get dirty on your farm after all. It’s just too much effort for such a bland beginning that will get you annoyed.

11. Emily

Emily - Stardew Valley
Photo Credit: ConcernedApe

Likes: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Cloth, Emerald, Jade, Ruby, Survival Burger, Topaz, Wool.

Hates: Fish Taco, Holly, Maki Roll, Salmon Dinner, Sashimi.

The eccentric of Pelican Town, every town has one! She’s an oddball, and probably the least romantic out of everyone on the list. Her heart events are also easily forgettable when compared to the rest. Considering that Clint already has a crush on her, which you will find out and explore further, perhaps it’s better that you leave her alone.

It’s kind of disappointing that such an eccentric character has such an underwhelming story in the game. Getting the gifts that she likes could also be a burden on you since they are pretty expensive or hard to find as well. 

Overall, she doesn’t seem like a character that would add much value to the farm, even with her interesting personality.

10. Maru

Maru - Stardew Valley
Photo Credit: ConcernedApe

Likes: Battery Pack, Cauliflower, Cheese Cauliflower, Diamond, Gold Bar, Iridium Bar, Miner’s Treat, Pepper Poppers, Radioactive Bar, Rhubarb Pie, Strawberry.

Hates: Holly, Honey, Pickles, Snow Yam, Truffle.

Although her 10 hearts event is one of the more entertaining out of the bunch, she just seems too young and perfect for me. She needs someone to be interested in her work and what she does, so if you’re not particularly interested you might not enjoy trying to court her. This does make her easy to court since all you need to do is show interest in what she does for a living.

Maru doesn’t really bring much to the table. She has no issues or struggles to get through – unlike the other characters, so her character lacks that depth.

She can be slightly socially secluded since she’s always working on her creations, but that’s it. She’s good at pretty much everything else.

Considering that she is the beloved perfect child of her family, she’s just too… perfect for my tastes.

9. Alex

Alex - Stardew Valley
Photo Credit: ConcernedApe

Likes: Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner.

Hates: Holly, Quartz.

The typical jock-type professional athlete that exercises to escape his problems and insecurities. Most people are put off by his bragging when they first meet him, but underneath that lies a troubled boy that uses exercise as a coping mechanism.

As you get into his heart events, he opens up about his abusive alcoholic father that walked out on him, his mother that passed away due to an illness, and his love for his grandparents who he takes care of. He has a lot of depth to him as a character, and it comes as no surprise that many empathize with him. 

He can be vulnerable, so getting to know him is worth it if you prefer a deeper and darker backstory to unravel. He doesn’t bring much to the table, so it is up to you if you want to be more than friends.

8. Penny

Penny - Stardew Valley
Photo Credit: ConcernedApe

Likes: Diamond, Emerald, Melon, Poppy, Poppyseed Muffin, Red Plate, Roots Platter, Sandfish, Tom Kha Soup.

Hates: Beer, Grape, Holly, Hops, Mead, Pale Ale, Pina Colada, Rabbit’s Foot, Wine.

She’s one of those characters that is ambitious to turn her life around, but at the same time doesn’t mind settling down. If you’re looking for a housewife and a dedicated mother for your children, she’ll do just nice. She’s bad at cooking and struggles a bit at teaching, but she’s good at everything else.

I’m not particularly interested in characters that prefer to settle down like her, but for many players, she is exactly what they’ve been looking for. Especially when you take into context that you’re on a farm, and your character isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Your whole focus is on ensuring that your farm thrives.

Penny can definitely help with that, and her character is more than okay with staying in the same place forever. 

7. Shane

Shane - Stardew Valley
Photo Credit: ConcernedApe

Likes: Beer, Hot Pepper, Pepper Poppers, Pizza.

Hates: Pickles, Quartz.

I truly did debate placing Shane higher on this list, because he seems to be a fan favorite and with good reason, too. But I’ve never been the type to enjoy people with cold exteriors and I take rejection pretty seriously. So he gets booted a little lower for me. Shane is an alcoholic with anger issues among many other issues.

He’s outright rude when you meet him the first few times, but then you come to realize that he’s pretty depressed and is in need of help. He did end up going to therapy and his drinking habits start to improve with your help. His character does a whole 360 with you, and for the most part, that’s what keeps people hooked.

His willingness to be better and change, as well as his love for farm life, is what makes him a great choice for your farm and overall life partner. 

6. Harvey

Harvey - Stardew Valley
Photo Credit: ConcernedApe

Likes: Coffee, Pickles, Super Meal, Truffle Oil, Wine.

Hates: Coral, Nautilus Shell, Rainbow Shell, Salmonberry, Spice Berry.

Got a taste for older dudes? Harvey’s a pretty decent pick, he’s an established man with a kind heart. But of course, older men tend to have secrets and a sadness about them – which you’ll come to find out about if you stick around.

The thing about Harvey is that he can be a bit annoying when it comes to food since he is a doctor that prioritizes health. But otherwise, he is very easy to please. His likes and gifts are easy to find and he’s pretty much very easy to romance when compared to the rest. He does have a dad-like quality about him that makes most people write him off, but if you’re into that – why not?

He’ll care for your health, and you don’t have to worry about much. He’s loyal and can be quite shy too, which is a cute addition to his awkward demeanor.

5. Elliott

Elliott - Stardew Valley
Photo Credit: ConcernedApe

Likes: Crab Cakes, Duck Feather, Lobster, Pomegranate, Squid Ink, Tom Kha Soup.

Hates: Amaranth, Quartz, Salmonberry, Sea Cucumber.

The kind of guy you would think you would fall in love with only in the movies. The sentimental artist with an air of mystery to him. His concept is pretty cliche as well, and he is a rather pretty character when compared to the other bachelors with his lush long hair. That’s what draws everyone in.

His hearts events are pretty bare when compared to the rest as well since you’ll be helping him solve his writer’s block for a novel. He’s a classic romantic, which is evident with all the dialogue you get when you marry him. He can be hard to please with such hard-to-find gifts, and his personality could be drawn up as dramatic. So really, it is up to your preference.

Plus, you get to choose how his novel goes, and what genre it will end up falling into. He’ll continue writing the novel even after you’re married, so he might not be that useful for the farm either.

4. Leah

Leah - Stardew Valley
Photo Credit: ConcernedApe

Likes: Goat Cheese, Poppyseed Muffin, Salad, Stir Fry, Truffle, Vegetable Medley, Wine.

Hates: Bread, Hashbrowns, Pancakes, Pizza, Void Egg.

If being in the great outdoors is your favorite thing, then Leah with her wild artistic heart will definitely catch your eye. She’s the older bachelorette on the list and is another artistic soul just like Elliott. Some even say she’s basically his female counterpart, but that’s for you to judge.

Her heart events are definitely more interesting than Elliott’s, and she has her own struggles that make her character more relatable when compared to his. She’s also one of the easier to please options as her gifts are easier to find. You can romance her pretty easily too, as she’ll be in the Saloon most nights.

Running into her should not be a problem, and she has a cottage in the woods so you’ll be closer to the forest and all the magic it holds.

3. Abigail

Abigail - Stardew Valley
Photo Credit: ConcernedApe

Likes: Amethyst, Banana Pudding, Blackberry Cobbler, Chocolate Cake, Pufferfish, Pumpkin, Spicy Eel.

Hates: Clay, Holly

Abigail is overall an easy-to-love character and has now grown to be a community favorite. Her bright purple hair draws you into her stellar personality, and she’s nice to you from the beginning. She’s one of the easiest to please as she literally eats Quartz, something you can mine easily from the beginning. Weird, but we’ll go with it.

Most people prefer her character for marriage as she gives the best gifts which are expensive and hard to find. Of course, she’s quite the rebellious character, and her heart events will highlight that as you both explore the mines together. 

Although there is a hint that her character was made for Sebastian – as they complement each other well, you can always make her yours.

2. Sam

Sam - Stardew Valley
Photo Credit: ConcernedApe

Likes: Cactus Fruit, Maple Bar, Pizza, Tigerseye

Hates: Coal, Copper Bar, Duck Mayonnaise, Gold Bar, Gold Ore, Iridium Bar, Iridium Ore, Iron Bar, Mayonnaise, Pickles, Refined Quartz.

If you’re looking for an absolute sweetheart, Sam is probably the best pick. He’s nice to you from the beginning and is always a warm welcoming presence to have around. His heart events are sub-par compared to the rest, but the one thing that will keep you glued to him is how endearing and sweet his character continues to be throughout your journey together.

Although he can be clumsy and is accident-prone, he’ll win your heart over with his musical prowess and passion for singing. If I were to describe Sam, he’s one of those ‘golden retriever’ boyfriends that girls easily swoon over. He’s clueless, a little empty-headed, but he’s got the right ideas when it comes to what’s important.

So if you want to swoon, Sam is the character to swoon for.

1. Sebastian

Sebastian - Stardew Valley
Photo Credit: ConcernedApe

Likes: Frozen Tear, Obsidian, Pumpkin Soup, Sashimi, Void Egg.

Hates: Clay, Complete Breakfast, Farmer’s Lunch, Omelet.

If you’re into the brooding, quiet and rebellious then Sebastian might be the one for you. Even if his crush on Abigail might be a slight deterrent for some, it’s a challenge others are willing to take. He’s the poster boy for most fictional romances – the misunderstood, underappreciated nerd that rides a motorcycle and will make you coffee in the morning. I’m sold.

He’s widely loved and appreciated in the Stardew Valley universe, mainly because of the clear mistreatment that he experiences from his parents that prefer Maru over him. He’s quite elusive and introverted, but nothing a little care can’t fix!

When he opens up to you, he transforms into a warmer presence, and his rare smiles are now reserved for only you.

Final Note

Once again, everyone has different tastes and choices when it comes to dating and relationships. This ranking of Stardew Valley love interests is only reflective of what I think, so do feel free to agree or disagree and maybe even flip this whole rank upside down.


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    I dip my toes in all things nerdy. I started writing and never looked back! I'll write about anything under the sun if you give me the chance, but my loyalty currently lies with nerd culture.

Sarah Paul

Written by Sarah Paul

I dip my toes in all things nerdy. I started writing and never looked back! I'll write about anything under the sun if you give me the chance, but my loyalty currently lies with nerd culture.

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  1. I disagree with the last part of the authors thoughts on Abigail and to be honest it seems strange to me that they would say that at all. Saying someone is a fan favorite and easy to love while also saying she also might be meant for someone else seems a bit redundant imo. I never saw a hint they were going to be together? Technically every love interest has a sort of counterpart but I noticed the author only really pointed out Abby and Seb? Just seems strange to me. They aren’t right for each other and don’t really complement each other at all imo and it becomes pretty clear once you start advancing through both their heart events. Having similar interests doesn’t automatically mean they’d be compatible. At most they’re good friends but I believe they’d be terrible together.

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