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Where to Find All Blackwood House Keys in Redfall

Where to Find All Blackwood House Keys in Redfall

The Blackwood House of Redfall is a peculiar little dungeon off to the east side of the map. This house is pretty clearly marked by the vampires, so you know what that means: This is a great place to clear out for both lore and loot, including an otherwise unobtainable achievement. Whether you are gearing up or preparing for 100% completion, you will want to search through this white-painted mansion at some point. So, let’s go over where all of the Blackwood House keys are hidden!

Where to Find All Blackwood House Keys in Redfall
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Redfall Blackwood House Keys Locations

There are a total of four Blackwood House keys that you need to find if you want to clear the house out in Redfall. The location of the keys are:

  • Hester’s Room Key: Take the road from the Blackwood House south, towards the Smith Family Orchard. Once you reach the entrance, look for the Gazebo that radiates a red light. Head inside and you will find the key on a small table, yours for the taking.
  • Agnes’s Room Key: Head over to the Haven’s Lot region of Burial Point, on the west side of the sub area. Go off of the winding road up a hill. You are looking for the square opening of a rocky cave, hugging the western part of Burial Point. Fight through some cultists to find this room’s key.
  • Katherine’s Room Key: Head to the northeastern part of Burial Point, just north of the Direcliff Safehouse. You will see a mountain, which you’ll have to climb. There is a path if you head west from the Safehouse, which hooks around from the left side of the mountain. Once you’ve walked through three campsites, you should be on the eastern side of the mountain. Look for the cave at the top and you’ll find the key on a rock.
  • Basement Key: The Basement Key is just in whichever room you open last. It will be next to that room’s journal.

We recommend walking around Burial Point and collecting the keys while your progress the story or side quests. You are likely to encounter each of these keys naturally, so there’s no need to seek them out individually. However, if you do need to chase any of them down, none of them are too far from the Blackwood House. You won’t even need to go through a loading screen, since they’re all on Burial Point.

Redfall Blackwood House Keys Location
Getting all of the keys to this old house will take you all across the Burial point part of the map.

Blackwood House Loot and Rewards

So, is it worth clearing the Blackwood House for its loot and other miscellaneous rewards? Well, getting to the basement is guaranteed to give you the Blackwood Blood Remnant, a remnant focused on using Medical Supplies to regen additional health, Psychic Remnant, and granting additional damage reduction. This hyper-defensive blood remnant is legendary, but that doesn’t make it all-powerful. It is good if you want to make sure every Medical Supply counts, but doesn’t offer much in terms of raw damage.

Obtaining the blood remnant will also give you the Sisterhood perk.

Otherwise, the individual rooms have no significant loot inside of them. You can read the lore about what was going down in the Blackwood House in the journals scattered around the building. Still, the loot will just be standard for what your level is. No additional Unrivaleds here!

In general, unless you’re going for 100% completion, you can skip the Blackwood House without much issue. The Unrivaled Blood Remnant is good if you need a highly defensive, resource-based remnant for your build, but offers little damage in return. We found it unnecessary in any of our builds.

What is the Story of the Blackwood House in Redfall?

The journals in the house tell the tale of a group of sisters using one another as sacrifices to vampires.

How Do You Clear Red Mist in Redfall?

Red Mist requires UV guns to clear in Redfall. We recommend using the “Medusa” line of firearms, which can be looted from containers across the map.

What are Underboss Skulls in Redfall?

Underboss Skulls are used to unlock the entrances to several challenging dungeons later in the campaign.

Written by Andrew Smith