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All Redfall Characters and Abilities

All Redfall Characters and Abilities

The Redfall characters are in serious danger as they fight against a vampiric threat that’s inspired cultists to spread chaos. Residents have either been caught by the vampires or have decided to stay sheltered – armed and protected. That’s why it’s up to the four main characters of Redfall to take care of business. For this guide, we’ll be looking over each hero in the game, along with the upgradeable abilities that make them all unique. Hopefully, this guide will also help you in making a promised character choice for a co-op session.

All Redfall Characters and Abilities

The Heroes of Redfall: List and Abilities

Developers Arkane Austin and Roundhouse Studios are introducing four Redfall characters for players to choose from: Jacob, Layla, Devinder, and Remi. Each is equipped with special abilities that they can use against vampires and their indoctrinated cultists. As one would expect, the heroes offer different playstyles that may favor one trait over another.

Whether you’re jumping into a friendly game with some online buds or selecting a character to stick with, it’s good to keep in mind what each hero is capable of.

Let’s take a look at the playable Redfall characters. Do keep in mind that each hero possesses their own unique set of skills; the ability trees can enhance your powers with points that you spend, the way you want it to be. The skill trees are divided into five sections: Ability 1, Ability 2, Ultimate Ability, Ammo Upgrades, and Health Regeneration Upgrades.

In addition to the individual ability trees, there are four skills at the top of the Skills screen from the menu that touches upon survivability aspects.

Tailor a hero to your liking, see what talents play to your style, then lock ‘n’ load to save Redfall from the vampires.

Remedios “Remi” De la Rosa

Abilities: C4 Charge, Siren (with Bribon), and Mobilize

Redfall Remi

Remedios “Remi” De la Rosa focuses on damage and support, with her three abilities providing advantages for herself and her teammates.

The C4 Charge is pretty self-explanatory: an explosive device that causes harm for enemies, and for yourself if you aren’t careful with it. Tossing this into a pack of cultists is one quick way to take down multiple enemies.

Bribon is Remi’s robotic companion that follows her wherever she goes – mostly. He can be used as a distraction tool for enemies to focus on, all while absorbing damage from them. Acting as a siren for players to utilize, Bribon can help you evade a sticky situation.

Mobilize is Remi’s rallying point that provides health regeneration to downed and active heroes. It can eventually boost player damage with the help of upgrades.

Remi’s Mobilize skill is what might drive support-preferred players to utilize. If you’re looking to provide health, keep a short distance between you and the enemies, as if you’re going back several yard lines but with some extra attitude; your allies will absorb its benefits once they’re within range.

Expert Tip: The more you upgrade these abilities, the more powerful they become. Access the ability trees for Remi – and for the other heroes – as you progress through the story whenever you level up.

Jacob Boyer

Abilities: Raven, Cloak, and Heartstopper

Redfall Jacob

Jacob is a former special forces sniper that likes to aim, scout, and execute. Growing up as a foster kid, he’s used to tough situations. That is until Bellwether Security hires him for a job at Redfall, and the rest naturally plays out.

He’s your essential eye in the sky, with much thanks being given to Jacob’s Raven. Deploying the fantastical creature onto the battlefield will allow it to scout out enemies. Upgrades to the Raven will advance its usage with damage, adding another fist to the fight on your end.

No need to stick to the shadows with your Cloak skill. The talent basically turns you invisible for a temporary time, with the option to attack if necessary. You can easily avoid trouble by activating the Cloak and rushing through an environment that might be challenging.

Heartstopper is an overpowered skill that involves a ghostly sniper rifle that has an aimbot-like attitude. Summoning the sniper rifle will allow you to scope in on enemies to target them and deliver headshots. The aim is quick to the touch, but so is the rifle itself. Utilize it when you’ve got multiple tangos to eliminate.

Devinder “Dev” Crousley

Abilities: Arc Javelin, Translocator, and Blacklight

Redfall Devinder Dev

Dev is an internet-famous cryptid hunter who invents his own devices to solve mysteries. He hails from the UK, only to soon travel to Redfall with his creations. He’s your gadget guy.

Players are in for a shock with the Arc Javelin, an electrifying mechanism that electrocutes enemies within its AOE. Consider upgrades for this one; longer use, wider range, and increased damage are possible for you to attain with the Arc Javelin.

The Translocator device basically teleports you from one spot to the next. Additional perks can be increased with upgrades that will enhance the Translocation.

One of the best abilities in the game, the Blacklight activates a UV rig that can petrify vampires and stagger cultists. Once the vampiric threats encounter the UV light’s vicinity, they’ll instantly freeze.

Expert Tip: Defeating a vampire with either a Stake or UV light will turn them into a pile of ashes. Be sure to loot these spots once you’re in the clear from further damage.

Layla Ellison

Abilities: Lift, Umbrella, and Vampire Ex-Boyfriend

Redfall Layla

Layla seems to be the only other mystical one in the group to possess supernatural powers (Jacob’s undead eye and ghost rifle come to mind). After volunteering for a study from an Aevum Therapeutics experiment, Layla gains telekinetic abilities that essentially puts her in-between worlds, though she isn’t going to bite anyone.

Layla’s telekinesis is capable of calling forth a psychic lift, launching the heroes into the air. This will give you the “high ground” advantage if you’re looking to occupy space a few floors up; it is an elevator after all.

Activating the Umbrella skill will result in Layla conjuring a shield to defend you and your teammates from incoming fire. It can also generate itself into a blast, flying toward your target with deadly intention.

However, Layla’s most interesting ability is the option to call forth her ex-boyfriend, Jason. Somewhere, somehow, Jason turned into a vampire, but he’s working with the good guys in Redfall if you summon him. He’ll fist-bump you before flying away to handle a vampiric threat. In a way, Jason joins the team, even for just a short time.

Which Character is Best to Play Solo?

Redfall’s co-op aspects are limited. The game does feature crossplay for its available devices (PC and Xbox Series X/S), though you’ll need to assemble some friends for some cooperative action. Redfall does not include a join-any-game option, prohibiting you from linking up with new players.

Expert Tip: If you’re looking to play with friends with story progression in mind, only the host will advance. Supporting players (the heroes in the lobby) will walk away with character rewards. Be mindful on how you approach story missions with and without a team.

Therefore, if you’re a lone wolf or you don’t have online allies to call upon at the moment, selecting Remi as your primary character will be advantageous for you in the long run. With her healing ability, robotic Bribon companion, and explosive damage, she’s a great choice for story advancement. Though, in truth, while each hero offers different skills, they’re all quite distinctive; it all depends on the player in the end.


Does Redfall Have Local Co-Op?

Redfall may be focused on multiplayer action, but it does not include local cooperative play.

Will Redfall Be On Xbox One?

Redfall is a current-gen game, which ultimately excludes it from appearing on the Xbox One console.

How Long Is Redfall?

For just the main questline, players are looking at around 20 hours of gameplay. Side activities and side quests add more hours to consider.

Written by Andrew Smith