Redfall Developer Q&A Reveals New Game Details

Redfall Developer Q&A Reveals Co-Op Scaling Details, Cross-Play, and More
Photo Credit: Bethesda Softworks

With the upcoming launch of Redfall on May 2nd, developer Arkane Studios took the time to answer questions from the community. 

The #AskArkane Q&A, listed on Bethesda’s website, revealed some key details fans can look forward to in the upcoming first-person shooter

One big feature confirmed is cross-play functionality. Gamers on Xbox can play alongside those on Steam and vice versa. This means that if you’re picking Redfall up through Game Pass, you can still play with those purchasing the Steam title. 

Additionally, the topic of difficulty scaling was brought up. QuietGamer90 asked, “How well does the difficulty scale up solo vs. co-op?” Arkane responded by revealing that the difficulty scaling in Redfall is dynamic. In terms of co-op, the team is considering not just the progress you’ve made in the campaign but also the number of players in your party. 

“Depending on the size of your party,” the developer says, “you’ll see changes in the sorts of enemies you encounter, how strong they are compared to solo, and the frequency of elite traits. Those aren’t blanket changes either. Some encounters are always going to be easier or harder than others and some may not change at all. But that’s the point, things should feel more challenging because you have more players, but it isn’t a flat multiplier by any means.”

Another question brings up Arkane’s past of giving players the freedom to play through the game as they see fit. Arkane is vague in their answer, saying that “there are a lot of ways to look at that.” They say that players will be able to access the open world as they see fit. 

For the complete Q&A list, check out the #AskArkane website. Redfall releases for Xbox and PC on May 2nd. It is a Day One title on Xbox Game Pass. 


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