Resident Evil Village: All Doll House Mannequin Death Scenes DLC

Resident Evil Village’s DLC has you play in the shoes of Rose Winters. Rose has returned to the village but is exposed to danger once again in the form of monsters and dolls.

There is a level where Rose has to escape from a dimly lit house teeming with killer mannequins. Will she make it out alive or will she perish? Check down below to see her death scenes!

All Doll House Mannequin Death Scenes DLC – Resident Evil Village

There are three kinds of Mannequins that can catch Rose in the DLC.

First is the Mannequin that is made to look like her mother Mia. There will be many of these mannequins stationed around this dark house.

These mother mannequins freeze in place if you make eye contact with them, but carelessly averting your gaze may lead to one of them grabbing Rose and dragging her down into a dark abyss.

In another portion of the house, there will be dolls with sharp knife-like appendages. They patrol the halls looking for Rose and are extremely lethal.

Once they get in range of Rose, they will mercilessly stab her while filling the room with an eerie laughter.

The last type of doll to be encountered is a larger version of the mother mannequins. They will grab Rose and make her unable to escape.

Being caught in their grasp is certain death as they will unhinge their mouth and lift Rose up. Wet chomping sounds can be heard as the screen fades into the black game over screen.

Written by Borut Udovic

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