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Resident Evil Village | Secret Achievements List

Resident Evil Village | Secret Achievements List

Resident Evil Village has a lot for players to do, and that includes some good old-fashioned achievement hunting. While most of these are straightforward with what you need to do to get them, there are some secret achievements players may have some issues discovering themselves. Luckily, we are going to break them all down for you and explain how to unlock each one.

List of All Secret Achievements in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village | Secret Achievements List

Of the 49 achievements in Resident Evil Village, 14 of them are secret. The requirements for each range from simply playing through the game, to playing through the game in specific ways. Below is a list of all 14 secret achievements:

  • Not Lycan This
  • Timber
  • Four Lords
  • That Sucked
  • Got No Strings
  • Fish Out of Water
  • Up Urs
  • Iron Giant Down
  • Temporary Measures
  • The Root of the Matter
  • Goooaaal
  • Quit Hanging Around
  • Don’t Trust That Snake Oil
  • Knives Out

First is the achievement “Not Lycan This.” To earn this you’ll simply need to survive the lycan attack near the start of the game. The player doesn’t need to kill all the Lycans to earn this achievement, but if they manage to defeat Urias during this first attack you’ll earn the achievement “Timber” as well.

Next, we have “Four Lords,” which requires the player to escape from the mine they’re thrown into. You’ll make you’re way through some traps until you reach a room where a giant grinder moves toward you. You run to the lower left-hand corner and squeeze into a hole to avoid being minced.

Five of the secret achievements in the game are simply earned by beating bosses for the first time. These are “That Sucked,” “Got No Strings,” “Fish Out of Water,” “Up Urs,” and “Iron Giant Down.” These are awarded for defeating Dimitrescu, Donna and Angie, Moreau, Urias, and Heisenberg, respectively.

The achievement “Temporary Measures” is earned after you place the Giant’s Chalice in the ceremony site. Since you’ll need this to proceed through the story, you will pick it up naturally.

“The Root of the Matter” is earned by finding the Megamycete in the ruins underground. As with the previous achievement you’ll need to do this anyway if you’re planning on completing the game.

One of the earliest achievements the player can get is “Goooaaal!” at the starting portion. To do this you simply take the toy ball from the bedroom and put it in the study.

“Quit Hanging Around” is also a fairly simple achievement to earn. When you get to the factory, you’ll look for a soldat hanging on the production line. Shoot it down and you get the achievement.

Next up we have “Don’t Trust That Snake Oil,” which is still simple, but much harder. For this bad boy, you can only use a max of four recovery items throughout the game. I’d recommend doing this on casual difficulty after you’ve had some time with the game.

Lastly, we have “Knives Out.” To earn the last of the secret achievements, the player will have to, with the exception of some boss fights, beat the game using nothing but close combat weapons. Again, this is recommended to be done on a lower difficulty, and even then only after the player feels pretty confident with their gameplay.

And that’s all the secret achievements in Resident Evil Village. The majority of them are pretty easy, though near the end there are some killers. Hopefully, this helps you find the one you were missing.

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Written by Andrew Smith